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Alexander Ovechkin – Alexander the Great

alexander ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin. Photo:

In America, he is called Alexander the Great. Alexander Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey player and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League. He is a World Champion among youth teams, Champion of Russia, the best rookie player, two-time World Champion, Honored Master of Sports of Russia (2009)… To tell the truth he has a lot of titles and he deserves them.
Alexander was born on September 17, 1985 in Moscow. Tatiana Ovechkina, the mother of a hockey player, was a legendary basketball player of the USSR national women’s team and Olympic Champion. His father, Mikhail is a former professional footballer who played for Moscow “Dynamo”. His older brother Sergey also plays hockey.
At the age of 8 the little boy was engaged in hockey. Now Ovechkin is one of the best strikers in the modern history of hockey.

It is noteworthy that at the age of twelve Ovechkin set an absolute record, scoring 59 goals in the championship of Moscow.
16-year-old Ovechkin became the best player at the World Cup in Slovakia.
In seasons 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 a talented hockey player became one of the main stars of the Moscow “Dynamo”.
He is invited to participate in the regular All-Star Game and has many prestigious awards, including Hart Memorial Trophy and Art Ross Trophy.
Ovechkin is one of the highest-paid players of the National Hockey League.
ovechkin alexander hockey player

Alexander Ovechkin. Photo:

Interesting Facts
– Russian hockey player became the second representative of the NHL, whose wax figure appeared in the Washington branch of Madame Tussauds. The first was Wayne Gretzky.
ovechkin wax figure
– In 2008, Ovechkin signed a contract worth $ 124 million with “Washington Capitals” and became the first hockey player, signed a contract for more than $ 100 million.
– The hockey player is nicknamed “Ovi”, “Alexander the Great”, “The Magnificent Eight” (his number in Washington Capitals).
– In 2009, Ovechkin together with Reebok launched his own clothing line – Ovechkin Line By Reebok.
– Ovechkin enjoys sports such as basketball and football. His favorite football clubs are “Dynamo”, “Barcelona” and “Liverpool”.
– Ovechkin collects hockey sticks with autographs of famous hockey players. There are sticks of such players as Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Zdeno Chara in his collection.
Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin. Photo:

Personal life
Ovechkin is known not only as a great hockey player, but as real Casanova. There are a lot of rumors about his love stories – real and fake.
They say Ovechkin had a love affair with Russian singer Zhanna Friske, whom he met on the set of the reality show “The Big Race”. But their romance was short-lived as the famous hockey player became interested in another singer – Ksenia Novikova.
There was a rumor about his romance with Yulia Kovalchuk.
ovechkin friske

Alexander and Zhanna Friske

Lena Lenskaya, according to the press, was one of Ovechkin’s girlfriends. However, they parted because of the age difference, Lena is 15 years older.
Romance with TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova was one of his love “victories”.
One of the most celebrated novels was Ovechkin’s relationship with TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva.
ovechkin lopyreva

Alexander and Victoria Lopyreva

In 2008, Alexander was often seen with Maria, Andrei Grigoryev – Apollonov’s wife.
Model Valeria Sokolova was his girlfriend.
ovechkin valeria sokolova

Alexander and Valeria Sokolova

In July 2009, Ovechkin had romance with singer Fergie. He met Black Eyed Peas soloist in Toronto at Much Music Video Awards.
Now tennis player Maria Kirilenko is in his heart. On December 31, 2012 the couple announced their engagement.
ovechkin kirilenko

Dr. Dre, Alexander Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko

At 2014 Ice hockey World Championship in Minsk (Belarus) Russian National Team became World Champion!
ovechkin parents

Mom, Dad! Hooray! Victory! Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Shubskaya is Ovechkin’s new girlfriend. She is an athlete, actress and just a beautiful girl. Anastasia is the youngest daughter of Russian actress Vera Glagoleva. Shubskaya graduated from VGIK. In 2005, she starred in the little-known film Ca De Bo, and in 2008 Anastasia and her mother starred in the TV series The Woman Wants To Know.
ovechkin shubskaya

Alexander and Anastasia Shubskaya

glagoleva shubskaya

Vera Glagoleva and Anastasia Shubskaya

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