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Kseniya Novikova

Kseniya Novikova - Russian pop singer

Kseniya Novikova – Russian pop singer

Kseniya Novikova is a Russian singer, vocalist of the popular Russian female pop-group Blestyashchie (1999-2007 and since 2011).
Pretty girl was born on May 17, 1980 in Moscow. At the age of 5 Kseniya became a vocalist of the Loktev’s chorus. 10-year-old girl became a singer in young group Class. She is not only singer and dancer but also writes texts to her songs.
The girl graduated from the State Musical College in 1999 and from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts in 2004.
In 1999 Kseniya was invited to become a member of Blestyashchie to replace Polina Iodis. She is the author of the song A Ya Vse Letala (I was flying, 2002). When Zhanna Friske left the group, Kseniya became the leader of the collective. In 2007, Novikova left the group. However, four years later, in 2011, she came back. But left it again in 2016.

Awesome girl appeared on the covers of Maxim and XXL magazines in 2006.
In 2012 the singer began her solo career.
By the way, Kseniya starred in several films: Silver Lily of the Valley 2 (2004), Night Bazaar (2004), Night Watch (2004), Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (musical, 2004; together with Julia Kovalchuk, Anna Semenovich and Nadezhda Ruchka), 7 Stars (2009).

Personal life
The singer has two children Miron (born on August 5, 2008) and Bogdan (born on March 17, 2010). The children’s father is her ex-husband, Andrei Sereda. They were together from 2006 to 2011. There was a big scandal. In 2012, Sereda took Bogdan and Miron to London. But in August 2012, by a court decision, the children were returned to Moscow and since then live with their mother.
In October 2015, Kseniya married businessman Alexei Sorokin, whom she met a year before at a dinner with mutual friends. According to the artist, Alexei found a common language with her sons.

Kseniya Novikova