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Valeria Sokolova, model

Valeria Sokolova model

Valeria Sokolova – glamorous model

Valeria Sokolova is a professional fashion model, famous for her hair. She is a slender, glamorous and beautiful girl.
Pretty girl was born on September 28, 1987 in Penza, Russia, into the family of teachers. Since childhood, Valeria knew she would be a model and she did everything to achieve her goal: kept fit and took care of her hair.
At the age of 15 she started modeling at the Elite Style agency.
“From her youth she wanted to be famous and successful. She always had a lot of ambition.” – says her friends from Penza.
The newspapers wrote she was dating Mohammed, a successful businessman in the city, who helped and supported Valeria. He bought her an apartment, luxury car, gave money and they spent holidays abroad. Also he paid for plastic surgery – Valeria changed the shape of the lips, corrected the nose (but don’t believe it, her beauty is natural).

But after a few years they broke up. Love ended with the onset of the financial crisis. Mohammed had problems with finances, and later with the law. Soon rich fan was behind bars. The girl moved to Moscow and continued to work in the Avant modeling agency.
Peter Listerman, a famous pander, said that thanks to him a provincial model got a job in America and Milan. According to Listerman he prepared Penza model for footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. They even met several times, but her English was too bad.
By the way, she had an affair with Alexander Ovechkin, a famous Russian hockey player, captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League. But it didn’t last long.
You know, Valeria says that she has a boyfriend in Penza and they are together for a long time, she didn’t have a love affair with Ovechkin. And that she has made her career herself without Listerman’s help.
Awesome Valeria is a successful model, collaborated with such brands as Gusto, Barselona, Taccnint, Bruno Manibbumy. Her photos appeared in many popular magazines, such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Italu, Tush Germang, Anuca, G-armany.
She is fluent in several languages: English, Russian, Italian, German, and French.
Now Valeria lives in Brooklyn, NY and Miami Beach, FL.
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Valeria Sokolova, model