Mikhail Galustyan
Mikhail Galustyan is one of the most famous Russian comedians and TV presenters, writer, producer and actor.
His real name is Nshan Galustyan.
Mikhail was born on October 25, 1979 in Sochi, USSR in the family of a cook and a nurse. He has a brother David, who is seven years younger.
Mikhail has always been a creative person. In kindergarten the future humorist participated in all matinees, he sang, danced and recited poems. He learned to play the piano at a music school, was engaged in a puppet theater and judo. His first role was at school, the boy played Winnie-the-Pooh.
In 1996, Galustyan left the school and enrolled in medical school. After graduation, he continued his studies at the Sochi State University for Tourism and Recreation.
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Oskar Kuchera
Oskar Kuchera is a Russian actor, musician, TV and radio host. His real name is Evgeny Bogolyubov.
He was born on August 11, 1974 in Moscow. His father, Alexander Bogolyubov, was animated and feature film director, and his mother Tatiana Bogolyubova (maiden name Kuchera, half Italian) worked as editor in chief of the Cinema Propaganda Bureau. Oskar has an older sister Yulia.
In 1996 Kuchera graduated from GITIS. Since 1995, he worked at Silver rain radio, was an author and the host of many different programs, including the "Soundtrack" and "Radioruletka."
Since 1999 he has worked at "Autoradio", where he was the host of the program "Curly evening." In 2001, Kuchera became VJ on Muz-TV, where he was a presenter of the program "Siesta".
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Tolmachevy sisters

Tolmachevy sisters. Photo: VGTRK

The Tolmachevy sisters are Russian singers, Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 winners, Eurovision Song Contest 2014 participants.
Anastasia and Maria are twins, who were born on January 14, 1997 in the Russian city of Kursk. Anastasia is 8 minutes older than her sister. Girls began to study music at the age of six. Their mother, a musician, noticed her daughters’ special musical abilities.
9-year-old girls won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Bucharest, Romania. They performed their own song Spring Jazz.
In 2007, Nastya and Masha received Muz - TV special prize for the victory in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and also participated in the opening ceremony of "Slavic Bazaar". In the same year, the girls released their first album "Halves" (Polovinki).
In the New Year musical "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", filmed in 2007, Masha and Nastya sang together with Alla Pugacheva. Then they met his future mentor Philip Kirkorov.
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Oleg Menshikov
Oleg Menshikov is Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, theater director, People's Artist of Russia (2003), three-time winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1995, 1997, 1999).
Oleg was born on November 8, 1960 in Serpukhov, Moscow region in the family of military engineer and neurologist. Little boy was fond of music and parents bought an old violin. At school he was keen on juggling. Menshikov also played the piano, his favorite tunes were cancan and melodies from classic operettas. In high school, he began staging performances. The first one was staged by New Year's Eve.
Menshikov finished music school. He was a member of an orchestra and could have entered the Music Conservatory. But he didn't have to choose between music and stage. There was only stage for him. And he took his documents to the Shepkin Drama School, one of the oldest theatrical institutes in the country.
In 1980 Menshikov made his debut in the drama "Wait and hope" by Suren Shakhbazian.
After the role in the film "Pokrovsky Gates” (1982) Menshikov became a star.
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Mikhail Boyarsky
Mikhail Boyarsky is a Soviet-Russian actor and singer, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1984) and a People's Artist of Russia (1990). He is best known for the role of D'Artagnan in the film D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers (1978) and its sequels (1992, 1993).
Mikhail was born on December 26, 1949 in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) in the family of the theater actors Sergei Boyarsky and Ekaterina Melentieva. The boy’s parents did not want the son to follow in their footsteps. They wanted him to be a musician. Boyarsky studied piano in a music school. After school, future actor entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema. In 1972, after graduation from the institute he began working in the Lensovet Theatre.
Being a school boy Mikhail starred in the short film "Matches are not toys for children”. But his real debut took place in 1974.
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