Vietnam Lenin

City Center, Hanoi, Vietnam, April 22, 2010 (Photo HOANG DINH NAM | AFP | Getty Images)

Vladimir Lenin, Russian revolutionary, was included on a list of 100 prominent people of the 20th century by Time magazine.
There are a lot of monuments to the great leader of the proletariat, both in Russia and abroad. Many of them were destroyed, but some can be seen today in different countries.

The oldest Lenin in Noginsk
The town has the status of historical settlement. In addition to the glorious history and traditions of the Old Believers, Noginsk has three monuments to the leader of the world proletariat here, there is the world's oldest stone grandfather Lenin among them. It was local craftsman Fyodor Kuznetsov, who created the monument. They were going to open the monument on the first day of 1924, but due to heavy frost construction was delayed.
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Alexei Nemov gymnast

Alexei Nemov - outstanding Russian gymnast

Alexei Nemov is one of the most celebrated Russian gymnasts, 4-time Olympic champion, editor-in-chief of The Great Sport magazine.
Alexei was born on May 28, 1976 in Mordovia, USSR. At the age of five the boy was engaged in gymnastics. In 1983, Evgeniy Nikolko, master of sports and honored coach of Russia, became his coach.
Nemov earned his first victory in 1989 at the USSR Youth Championship. After a successful start, he began to achieve outstanding results almost every year.
In 1990, Alexei won in several individual events at the Games for young students of the USSR.
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Charming Woman by Vladimir Mukhin

Charming Woman by Vladimir Mukhin

Vladimir Mukhin is a Russian artist, who was born on April 25, 1971 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, USSR. He graduated from the Penza Art College and the All-Russian Academy of Painting and Architecture. He is a member of many Russian and international organizations, including the Union of Russian Artists, Creative Union of Artists of Russia, International Art Fund, the International Association of Art IAA-UNESCO. Recently, Vladimir became a full member (academician) of the International Academy of Art and a member of Oil Painters of America.
The artist’s paintings are exhibited in many art galleries, for example, in the gallery "Elite" (Carmel, California), “SR Brennen Galleries” (Scottsdale, Santa Fe, Palm Desert), “Genesis” (Honolulu). In addition, his paintings are in private collections in Russia, USA, Canada, France, China and Australia.
Now Vladimir lives and works in Moscow.
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Mikhail Baryshnikov
On January 27, 1948 in Riga in a military family was born a son Mikhail. The boy’s life wasn’t easy. He grew up in a large communal apartment and when the boy was 12 years old his mother committed suicide. She supported Mikhail’s decision to go to Riga Choreography School. Few years Baryshnikov spent with his father, but then he married again and Misha began to live an independent life. He moved to Leningrad.
In 1967 Baryshnikov finished his studies and began performing on the stage of the Kirov Theatre. He became a favorite of the audience - and not only because of his dancing skills. Baryshnikov is not only a great dancer, but also a great actor. He danced in "Giselle", "Vestris", "Creation of the World"...
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bride show

Bride show

On October 28, 1571, Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) married Marfa Sobakina. The marriage was short-lived. 15 days later the girl died. It was not the first marriage of the terrible tsar. How many wives did he have and who they were? Let’s see.
Marfa Sobakina
Ivan the Terrible arranged the bride show to choose his third wife: two thousand most beautiful girls were brought to Alexandrovskaya Sloboda. First, the tsar selected 24 beauties, then – 12. The "contest" was a serious one: the girls were examined by doctors. Marfa Sobakina was the most beautiful and the healthiest. On June 26, 1571 the tsar announced the engagement. At that time, Ivan the Terrible relied on Malyuta Skuratova. It was he who advised to choose the bride. Because of the marriage Malyuta became related to the royal family. At the wedding, his wife and daughter were Marfa’s bridesmaids and Malyuta and his son-in-law Boris Godunov were groomsmen. However, the bride almost immediately fell ill. Two weeks later Marfa died. The reasons for her death are unknown, although there are many versions: poisoning, a mysterious potion, witchcraft...
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