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Anfisa Chekhova – TV presenter, actress

A. Chekhova - Russian TV presenter and actress

A. Chekhova – Russian TV presenter and actress

Russian TV presenter and actress Anfisa Chekhova was born on December 21, 1977 in Moscow. Now she is a sex symbol of the country, but as a child the girl dreamed of far more modest professions: nurse or teacher.
Her TV show Sex with Anfisa Chekhova is very popular in Russia. Soulful voice, a deep neckline, showing all the charm of the figure, made Anfisa an instant object of desire of millions men.
Her real name is Alexandra Korchunova. In 1994 the girl entered GITIS. At the same time, she began to perform with the band Mad Fireflies. After studying for two years Anfisa was expelled from the institute because the teachers didn’t like her singing activities. So, Chekhova decided to become a TV presenter. At first she was a presenter of the program Disc Channel. In 1998 she was a presenter of At Nightfall on Muz-TV, Starry Intelligence on M1.

Beautiful girl debuted as an actress in 2002 in the TV series Theater Academy. Two years later, in 2004, she became a presenter of her own program Sex With Anfisa Chekhova on TNT. In the same year, Anfisa starred in the film I Love You, where she played the role of a buxom waitresses.
By the way, Chekhova starred in TV series Happy Together, Uni, My Favorite Witch and films Hitler Kaput!, Kaleidoscope.
In 2008, Anfisa graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Creative Writing.
Chekhova appeared on the theater stage in 2009. She participated in the play One Starry Night by Andrei Noskov. Besides, the actress starred in such films as A mom is better, Aram Zam Zam or all inclusive, Rzhevsky against Napoleon, Cherche la femme, Wild Hogs in 2010. Moreover, in the same year Anfisa tried herself as a radio host. Pretty girl was a presenter of the program Anfisa and the King together with famous VJ Artem Korolev.
Then, in 2011, Chekhova became a TV presenter of the reality show Good night, guys on DTV.
Magnificent Anfisa appeared on the pages of Playboy – Chekhova vs Semenovich – who is cooler?
To tell the truth, Anfisa has a very unusual hobby, she collects rubber ducks.

Personal life
Awesome girl began an adult relationship at the age of 19. Her first man was a handsome Italian. Later the girl found out that he had a wife in Italy and broke up with him.
Her next man was redhead Georgy, with whom she lived for 3 years in her mother’s flat. But they parted after default of 1998.
For three years Anfisa was together with TV presenter Vladimir Tishko.
While on vacation in Thailand, she met a cute Englishman. Despite the fact that Anfisa did not speak English and the foreigner did not know Russian they had a passionate romance. The man came to Moscow, presented her with a luxury trip to Paris, invited the beautiful girl for a vacation in Monte Carlo and even was going to move to Russia. But Anfisa destroyed all his grand plans, she fell in love.
Businessman named David communicated with Anfisa on the phone for a long time. Then she decided to go to Berlin to meet her boyfriend. David as owner of Georgian passport could not come to Russia because of the conflict between the two countries. The two spent a lot of time together in romantic journeys. Alas the couple broke up.
Sullen Lion, as she called the man, replaced David in Anfisa’s life. At that time Chekhova took part in the reality show Wife for Hire, where she was a wife for the whole “harem” of men, including Sergei Zverev, DJ Smash, Pierre Narcisse, Mark Tishman, Edgard Zapashnyy and Mitya Fomin. Anfisa hoped to marry her Lion and even introduced him to her mother.
But then she met a father of her future child, actor Guram Babishvili (born on September 5, 1980). On May 31, 2012 Anfisa gave birth to a son named Solomon. As she said it was the best she made in her life.
In mid-June 2015, Anfisa and Guram got married, but in the spring of 2017 they divorced.
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Anfisa Chekhova – TV presenter, actress