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Anna Semenovich – Hot Russian Girl

Semenovich Anna
Anna Semenovich is the phenomenon of the Russian reality: professional athlete, who became a popular singer, TV presenter, actress and model. She is one of the sexiest women in Russia, the country of hot girls, cold weather and famous theaters.
Anna was born in 1980 in Moscow. Semenovich has a younger brother.
When the girl was two years old, she was hospitalized with arthritis. The disease was severe, so doctors advised her to do sports. At the age of three little Anya began to skate.
After school, she entered the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. Her coaches were known Soviet athletes shone on the world ice arenas – Elena Tchaikovsky, Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosov.

Early in her career, Semenovich skated with Maxim Kachanov. They competed in the Goodwill Games in 1994 and took the 5th place. With Vladimir Fedorov she won the Finland Trophy twice and competed in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating. The highlight of their partnership was competing at the 1998 World Championships, where they placed 15th. Their partnership ended in 1999 and Semenovich teamed up with Roman Kostomarov for one season. With Kostomarov, she is the Russian bronze medalist and they competed at both the 2000 European Championships and the 2000 World Championships. At the age of 18, Anna went to the U.S. But due to an injury of the meniscus she retired from professional sport.

semenovich childhood

Anna in her childhood

Anna returned to Russia from America, where she lived for three years, and met Daniil Mishin, a producer, with whom created a group “Charlie’s Angels”. Then Anna became a TV presenter.
Semenovich took part in ice dance TV shows such as Stars on Ice and Ice Age.
Anna had a love affair with an actor Vyacheslav Manucharov.
In 2003 Semenovich replaced Olga Orlova in the pop-group Blestyashchie.
In 2004, Anna made her film debut in the film Night Watch. In the same year she starred in the TV series Bachelors and Balzac Age, or All Men Are Bast….
In March 2007, shortly after taking part in the TV show Stars on Ice, she announced that she was going to leave the group.

Kostomarov Semenovich

Kostomarov and Semenovich

Her first title role was in the comedy film “Hitler kaput ” in 2008. In the same year the label AMUSIC Records Company presented Anna’s debut album “Rumors”.
In 2009, Semenovich competed in the Russian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest.
She has starred in many films: Doomed to be a Star (2005), Irony of Fate. Continued (2007), and youth television series Students (2005),The Club (2006); in the series All this sudden (2007); played a major role in Hitler Kaput! (2008), Real boys (2011), Aladdin’s New Adventures (2012), Polar flight, or everything will be new (Ukraine, 2013).
Semenovich’s photos can be seen in many popular magazines such as MAXIM, XXL, FHM.
Beautiful girl took part in 15 figure skating competitions, played in 20 films. She is the winner of several awards as a singer, actress, athlete.

Manucharov Semenovich

Anna and Vyacheslav Manucharov

Anna Semenovich – Hot Russian Girl

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