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Igor Petrenko, Russian actor

Igor Petrenko, Russian actor

Igor Petrenko, Russian actor

Igor Petrenko is a Russian film and theater actor, winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (2002).
He was born on August 23, 1977 in Potsdam, East Germany into a family of the Soviet military man. His father was a lieutenant colonel and a Candidate of Military Sciences. His mother worked as an interpreter from English language. When Igor was three years old, his family moved to Moscow. As a child Petrenko was fond of sports – gymnastics, judo and sambo. English was his favorite school subject.
In 1992 Igor participated in the murder and was arrested shortly thereafter. Petrenko was held in the detention center Sailor’s Silence for a year. The court then sentenced him to three years’ probation.

The young man could not choose a profession for a long time. Finally, he decided to try himself as an actor and in 1996 Igor entered the Shchepkin Theater School. After graduation, he joined the Maly Theater but had to leave it because of the constant filming.
In 2000 Igor debuted in the movie by Ildar Islamgulova. However, neither the role, nor the film were successful. His next role was the role of Alexander Aravin in the TV series Moscow Windows, which was more successful.
Petrenko became popular after the film Star directed by Nikolai Lebedev. For the role in this film Igor received Nika award.
One of the most striking and recognizable Petrenko’s roles was in the film A Driver for Vera.
In 2003 the actor was awarded the Presidential Award, and in 2004 he received the Triumph award as the best young actor.
In 2011 Igor was invited to play the role of Sherlock Holmes in the new series based on the detective stories by Conan Doyle.

Personal life
Petrenko was married to an actress Irina Leonova. They met while studying at drama school and got married right after graduation in 2000.
On December 31, 2004 Igor married actress Ekaterina Klimova. They have two sons Matvei Petrenko (born on November 21, 2006) and Kornei Petrenko (born in 2008). On July 10, 2014 Igor and Ekaterina divorced.

petrenko leonova

Igor and Irina Leonova

petrenko children

Igor, Ekaterina Klimova and their sons

Selected Filmography
1999 – Black Pearl
2000 – The Black Room
2001 – Moscow Windows
2002 – Star
2003 – The best city in the world
2003 – Carmen
2004 – Driver for Vera
2004 – Students
2004 – Holiday
2004 – Knight of the Starfish
2006 – Hero of Our Time
2006 – Wolfhound
2009 – Taras Bulba
2009 – Forbidden Reality
2010 – We’re from the future 2
2010 – Robinson
2011 – Lucky Pasha
2011 – Everyone has their own war
2011 – Separation
2012 – Sherlock Holmes

Igor Petrenko, Russian actor