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Tatiana Arntgolts

Tatiana Arntgolts - Russian actress

Tatiana Arntgolts – Russian actress

Tatiana Arntgolts is a Russian actress.
Pretty girl was born on March 18, 1982 in Kaliningrad. Arntgolts is the daughter of actors Albert Arntgolts and Valentina Galich. She has an identical twin sister Olga Arntgolts, who is also an actress. The twins were named after Tatiana and Olga Larina from the novel Evgeni Onegin by outstanding Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. In her childhood Tatiana dreamed of becoming a journalist.
Together the girls studied at the Schepkin Theater School in Moscow.
Tatiana’s first work in film was the role of Nata in a four-part film NEXT. But her acting debut Arntgolts made in the youth drama series The Simple Truth (1999), where she played school student Katya Trofimova. The TV series, released in 2001, made a celebrity from Arntgolts. The girl was recognized on the streets, interviewed and invited to prospective projects. She became an idol for many teenagers.

In September 2003 sisters Arntgolts were invited to play in the detective series Why Do You Need an Alibi.
Later, in 2005, Tatiana played a role in the psychological thriller Last Weekend directed by Pavel Sanaev.
Then, in 2006, she took part in the shooting of a mini-series dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, where she played a simple nurse. According to the actress, this role is one of the most successful in her career.
By the way, in 2008, Arntgolts participated in the TV show Ice Age on the First Channel. Maxim Staviski was her partner. The actress was forced to leave the project due to pregnancy and health problems. At the final of the show she was replaced by her sister Olga.
The actress starred not only in Russian films, but also in foreign ones. In 2014 she played in the Polish film Fotograf, and in 2016 the actress appeared in the Ukrainian film The 25th Hour.
Now Tatiana is working in the series The Sacrifice of Love, the first series of which was released in 2017.

Personal life
Tatiana had a love affair with actor Anatoly Rudenko.
Actor Ivan Zhidkov and Tatiana got married in 2008. The actress gave birth to daughter Maria on September 15, 2009. In summer 2013 Tatiana and Ivan divorced.
By the way, the actress had a relationship with actor Grigory Antipenko.

Tatiana Arntgolts