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Pavel Priluchniy, Russian actor

Pavel Priluchniy

Pavel Priluchniy, Russian actor

Pavel Priluchniy is a Russian film and theater actor.
He was born on November 5, 1987 in Shymkent, Kazakh SSR, USSR. The actor spent his childhood in Berdsk. Pavel’s father was a boxer and his mother worked as a choreographer. He has a brother and a sister.
The future actor was engaged in boxing, dancing and singing. He attended music school. However, Pavel didn’t like neither dance nor sing.
14-year-old boy was a Candidate for Master of Sport in Boxing, but then he quitted this sport.
In 2005, Pavel graduated from the Novosibirsk State Theater School and worked at the local theater troupe called Globe. Then he moved to Moscow. In 2010, Priluchniy graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS). You know, he became famous after the role of gamer Doc in the film On the Game directed by Pavel Sanaev. They say that special for this role the word DOC was tattooed on his neck.

In the summer of 2011, Pavel appeared in the debut music video of the young singer Elvira T for the song Everything Is Solved.
The actor works in the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.
Priluchniy played one of the main roles in the fantasy TV series Secret City, the film adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Vadim Panov.
He starred along with Svetlana Khodchenkova in the detective series Lavrova’s Method. Then he appeared in the criminal television series The Life and Adventures of Mishka Japonchik.
In the detective-crime TV series Silver Spoon the actor played the main role. It got in the top ten, and the actor was called The Discovery of The Year 2014.

Personal life
In 2006, Priluchniy had a love affair with Nikki Reed, a Hollywood actress who played in the saga Twilight. Pavel was ready to give up everything to be with his girlfriend. He left the institute, got a job. But the girl stopped answering calls and disappeared from his life. Nikki made a tattoo “Priluchniy” on her arm, but in October 2011, the tattoo had disappeared. However, young people are friends now, they even have the idea to make a film about love.
Then there was a brief love story with Renata Piotrovski, the granddaughter of the famous Soviet actor Leonid Kanevsky.
They say, Pavel had a love affair with Anna Andrusenko.
On the set of the film Closed School (Zkrytaya Shkola) Pavel met actress and model Agatha Mutsenietse. In August 2011, the couple secretly got married. On January 11, 2013 their son was born. Their daughter Mia was born on March 3, 2016.
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Pavel Priluchniy, Russian actor