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Denis Kosyakov, actor and stand-up comic

Denis Kosyakov russian actor

Denis Kosyakov – Russian actor

Denis Kosyakov is a Russian film and theater actor. He participated in comedy TV projects Killing League, Comedy Battle and Slaughter Night on TNT. You know, he became the winner of the first season of the comedy TV project Laughter Without Rules.
The future actor was born on May 1, 1984 in Zelenograd. At the age of 11 Denis began to visit Zelenograd theater studio.
He’s graduated from the Shchukin Theatre School and works as an actor in the Mayakovsky Theatre. In 2005, one year before graduation, Denis got his first role in the TV series Soldiers 4.
Actually, in 2007, Denis performed in the popular Russian program Comedy Club on TNT channel.
By the way, Kosyakov is an author of the TV series Zaitsev + 1 on TNT channel. Mikhail Galustyan and Philip Kotov played the main roles. A little later, Gerard Depardieu joined the cast.
On March 3, 2014 he became a presenter of the TV show Ready For Anything.

Denis starred in many TV series and films, including Happy together (2006), Shift, Club (2007), Law & Order (2007), Silent Witness (2007), Nostalgia for the Future (2008), Acme (2008), Bodyguard 2, Balzac Age, Honey Love (2011) and others.
As a theater actor, he played in such plays as Dead Souls, The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood, Inspector, Delicate Balance, A Plague On Both Your Houses, Todzyuro’s Love.
Also the actor starred in advertising of chocolate bar Twix, MTS and McDonalds.
In 2015, Kosyakov starred together with Nastasya Samburskaya, Roman Yunusov, Alexander Golovin, Maria Kravchenko and Natalya Rudova in the full-length feature film Women versus Men.
In 2016, the actor starred in the comedy series Island. This was the second work, where he acted as the author of the script. Also he became a creative producer of the project. The series was filmed abroad: in the Dominican Republic, Thailand and the Seychelles. Because of this, it became the most expensive multi-series project of the channel.
In the same year, Denis took part in the film Classmates. But, despite the star cast (Svetlana Khodchenkova, Dmitry Khrustalev, Anton Makarsky, etc.), the film was coldly received by both viewers and film critics.

Personal life
In 2011, the actor married beautiful girl Elena. On November 5, 2012 his wife gave birth to their son. And in July 2017 their second son was born.
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Denis Kosyakov, actor and stand-up comic