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Egor Beroev, Russian actor

Egor Beroev

Egor Beroev was born on October 9, 1977 in Moscow.
He is a Russian film and theater actor.
Egor was born in a family of actors: he is a grandson of Elvira Brunovskaya (Honored Artist of Russia, 1998) and an actor Vadim Beroyev, his mother Elena Beroeva and father Vadim Mikheenko are also actors.
Egor followed the family tradition and first appeared on the scene at the age of seven. So after school he entered Shchepkin Theatre School. After graduation in 1998 he joined The Moscow Art Theatre MKHAT, where he made his debut in the role of Fyodor Godunov in the performance “Boris Godunov”.
Egor became popular after the movie “The Turkish Gambit” based on the novel by Boris Akunin, where he played a leading role.

In 2005 Egor was named “Actor of the Year” according to GQ magazine.

In 2008 Beroev took part in the TV project by Ilya Averbukh “Ice Age 2″, where his partner was Ekaterina Gordeeva.

In November 2001, he married Ksenia Alferova (Irina Alferova’s daughter). On April 5, 2007 in Italy Ksenia gave birth to their daughter Evdokia.

Selected Filmography
1994 – Dedication to love
2001 – The Fifth Corner
2002 – Kamenskaya 2. Stolen Dream
2005 – Kazaroza
2005 – Turkish Gambit
2006 – Pursuit of an angel
2008 – Admiral
2009 – Landing Forces. Nobody but us
2009 – The man who knew everything
2010 – Hindu
2011 – Time for two
2011 – All we need …
2012 – Mom
2012 – The Road to Easter Island
2013 – Area
Egor Beroev

Egor – Russian actor
Egor Beroev

Egor – Russian actor

Egor – Russian actor

Egor Russian actor

Beroev, Russian actor

Egor and Eric Bana (source likeness.ru)