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Klitschko brothers: Vitaliy and Vladimir

Klitschko brothers Vitaliy and Vladimir

Klitschko brothers: Vitaliy and Vladimir

Klitschko brothers: Vitaliy and Vladimir are two exceptional athletes.
Their father Vladimir (1947–2011) was a Soviet Air Force major general and a military attaché of the Soviet Union in the East Germany. And their mother Nadezhda Ulyanovna worked as a primary school teacher. The family had to move to other countries, as well as the republics of the Soviet Union. In the early 80s the family lived in Czechoslovakia, and in 1984 the Klitschko family moved to live in the Ukrainian SSR.
Brothers are not only boxers, but avid chess players. Vitaliy is a friend of former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik. The brothers often played with Kramnik, of course, he was the winner. Vitali has commented that “What’s the difference between chess and boxing? In chess, nobody is an expert, but everybody plays. In boxing everybody is an expert, but nobody fights.”
Vitaliy and Vladimir also have been involved in charitable activities dedicated to support the needs of schools, churches and children. They won humanitarian awards for their Fight For Peace and Sport for Good projects in 2002 and 2007. In 2002, the Klitschko brothers announced that they had agreed to work for UNESCO.

Klitschko brothers: Vitaliy and Vladimir

Vitaliy Klitschko is one of the best boxers in world history. An outstanding athlete has become famous for his successful fights, and his results in professional boxing are truly impressive. You know, he held the WBO and WBC titles. By the way, Klitschko is the first professional boxing world champion to hold a PhD degree.
Currently, Vitaliy is the mayor of Kiev. Also he is a head of the political party UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms). Besides, Vitaliy tried his hand as a producer. Together with the Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone and his brother Vladimir, he was a producer of the famous musical Rocky.
Vitaliy was born on July 19, 1971 in the village of Belovodskoye, the territory of the former Kirghiz SSR.
From 1989 to 1991, he served in the army, in one of the units of the Air Force of the USSR.
In 1996, the boy graduated from the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Pedagogical Institute. After that he continued his service as an officer in the Ukrainian army. On 29 February 2000, he presented his doctoral thesis on “talent and sponsorship in sports” at the Kiev University of Physical Science and Sports.
In November 1996, after a successful career in amateur boxing (95 wins, 80 knockouts, 15 defeats), he made his professional debut at the same time as his brother Vladimir.
Klitschko is known for his powerful punches and durable chin. He has never been knocked down in any professional boxing bout and has also never lost a decision. Actually, his power and his possession of a PhD have led to his nickname, Dr. Ironfist.
The boxer was awarded Germany’s highest civilian award, the Federal Cross of Merit, for his varied accomplishments.
Originally Vitaliy was an amateur kickboxer, who was a world champion six times (professional and amateur).
On 9 November 2005, Vitaliy announced his retirement from professional boxing. But on January 24, 2007 he announced his comeback.
In 1999, he entered the Guinness Book of Records as the first world champion in the heavyweight division, who won 26 fights by knockout. To achieve this result, he needed the least number of rounds. Thus, Klitschko broke the previous record, which was owned by famous Mike Tyson.
In July 2012, Vitaliy (he was 41) became one of the oldest Heavyweight Champions in history and currently the 14th longest reigning Heavyweight Champion of all time.

Personal life
On April 26, 1996 Vitaliy married Natalia Egorova, a former athlete and a model. They have three children, Yegor-Daniel, Elizabeth-Victoria and Max (named after the former World Heavyweight Champion Max Schmeling).

Vitaliy Klitschko

Vladimir Klitschko is a professional boxer, performing in a heavyweight division. Vladimir is the WBO, IBF, IBO and WBA champion. In 1996 he won the Olympic Games in the weight category over 91 kg. He did not just win the gold medal, but became the first European person in history to win the heavyweight title.
Vladimir was born on March 25, 1976 in Semipalatinsk.
In 1996, he graduated from Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Pedagogical Institute. On 18 January 2001 Klitschko presented his doctoral dissertation and was awarded a PhD in Sports Science.
By the way, Vladimir is known as Dr. Steel Hammer.
Klitschko appeared in the motion picture Ocean’s Eleven (with Lennox Lewis).
Besides, he is a kite-surfer, golfer and humanitarian.
Moreover, Klitschko starred in the music video for Chris Cornell’s song Part of Me in 2008, alongside a rising dancer Carlos Kerr Jr. and Method Man.
On 29 March 2012 Vladimir auctioned off his 1996 Olympic gold medal to a buyer who bid $1 million dollars. Klitschko said he would use the money to help the dreams of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children. After the sale, the buyer immediately returned the medal out of respect for Vladimir and because he wanted it to remain with the Klitschko family.
On November 28, 2015 Tyson Fury won the world heavyweight title with a victory over Vladimir Klitschko
Klitschko, the current world boxing champion in the heavyweight according to WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO, lost the title. This outcome was a surprise to the athlete and he immediately vowed to take revenge on the Englishman in the future.
Unlike his own brother, Vladimir does not want to be engaged in politics.

Vladimir and his women
19-year-old Vladimir was officially married to Aleksandra Avizova. In a year and a half after marriage they divorced.
After Avizova, Vladimir had a love affair with model Diana Kovalchuk.
Such a bright woman, as German gymnast Magdalena Brzheska, who was called a sex bomb of European gymnastics, could not be noticed by Vladimir.
Some media reported that Klitschko had been previously dating Yvonne Catterfeld; the relationship was played up in German comedies Keinohrhasen and Zweiohrkeken.
After Vladimir’s photo session held for Vanity Fair magazine with Karolina Kurkova, she claimed to have a romantic relationship with the boxer.
Alena Gerber, Playboy model, was once his girlfriend.
They say American actress Lucy Liu and Vladimir were together.
In 2009 Klitschko began dating American actress Hayden Panettiere. The couple broke up in May 2011.
And in September 2011 world media reported about the Vladimir and Ukrainian supermodel from Uzhgorod Eveline Samsonchik’s love affair.
Now Hayden Panettiere is the wife of Vladimir. In December 2014, their daughter Kaya-Evdokia was born.

Vladimir Klitschko