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Yulia Vizgalina – socialite, business woman

Yulia Vizgalina

Beautiful girl, socialite, business woman

Natural blonde, beauty with model looks always attracts admiring glances. She was a successful catwalk model in Europe and America.
Yulia Vizgalina is a founder of the Soho Jewelry and owner of the David Morris boutique. Her husband is Alexander Tarantsev, the head of the Russian Gold company. Yulia belongs to so-called Rublevka wives.
Rich people are sometimes bored so they choose the “fashionable” way to spend money. Yulia chose jewelry because she is a graduate gemologist and like every woman likes diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
Just have a look at Yulia’s jewelry!

By the way, Vizgalina started her own business in 2002. As she worked with leading fashion designers of the world, Yulia decided to start selling clothes. Her first shop was a boutique Soho, opened on Kutuzov Avenue. It was the second in Europe Jimmy Choo boutique. Five years later, Yulia decided to leave the world of fashion.
In 2007 she opened David Morris boutique, and then the first European Soho Jewelry boutique, where leading jewelry brands were collected.
Tarantsev’s wife prefers simplicity in everyday life. Her style is casual consisting of simple things.
Yulia’s credo is: “Be yourself. Remember – the inner world is more important than tinsel”
According to her, the clothes should be used as a necessary accessory. Clothing is like a diamond in a setting: beautiful, elegant and complement the natural beauty.

Yulia Vizgalina – socialite, business woman