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Sergei Bodrov Junior

Sergei Bodrov Junior

Sergei Bodrov Junior

Sergei Bodrov, Jr was a Russian film director, actor, screenwriter. He was born on December 7, 1971 in Moscow. His father is a famous film director and his mother is an art historian.
In his childhood Sergei loved solitude and dreamed of being a dustman and driving around the city in an orange car.
As he said: “Childhood is the most important and the most exciting time in a person’s life.”
After school Bodrov wanted to enter the Film Institute. However, his father said if he didn’t have a passion for cinema, he could forget about it. Sergei did not feel the passion and entered the Moscow State University, Department of History.
In 1991, Sergei studied art in Italy, where he managed to get a job as a lifeguard at a local beach resort.
In 1994, the future celebrity received a higher degree and went to graduate school. Sergei was sure that he would work either in the library or in a museum. But he worked as a journalist, teacher, actor, screenwriter, film director, TV presenter.

In 1989, Sergei first appeared on screen as an actor in his father’s film “Freedom is Paradise”.
In 1995, Bodrov and the crew went to Dagestan, to film “Prisoner of the Caucasus” (Prisoner of the mountains), where he played one of the title roles. The film was awarded the FIPRESCI prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and also won the Grand Prix at the Crystal Globe Festival and many other awards. Bodrov Jr. won the award for the best debut.

Sergei Bodrov Jr father

Sergei and his father

In October 1996 Sergei appeared on the screen as a TV presenter of the program Vzglyad (Glance) and worked there for four years.
In 1996, the actor played the role of Danila Bagrov in the film “Brat” (Brother). The film became almost a cult one and was awarded several international awards. For many viewers Danila became the ideal hero. The songs of the band Nautilus Pompilius became film soundtracks.
Then Sergei starred in “Stringer”, based on photojournalist Alexei Ostrovsky’s life events, and “East – West”.

Sergei Bodrov Jr

Sergei in 1986

In 1997, Bodrov married his colleague, Svetlana Mikhailova. A year later Sveta gave birth to a daughter, Olga, and four years later to son Alexander.

Sergei Bodrov Jr wife

Sergei and his wife

Sergei Bodrov Jr children

Sergei’s children

In 2000 the film “Brat 2” (Brother 2) was released. It was filmed in Moscow, Chicago, Pittsburgh and New York. In the same year in California Sergei played in his father’s film “Quickie. Let’s do it in a hurry”.
In 2001, Bodrov’s first film “Sisters” was premiered. The script was written in just two weeks. The film won the Grand Prix in Sochi for “Best Newcomer”, and the actresses Oksana Akinshina and Ekaterina Gorina were awarded for the Best acting duet.
In late 2001, Sergei was a presenter of the TV game “Survivor”.
In early 2001, the actor starred in Alexei Balabanov’s film “War”. Bodrov got a brief role. Episodes were filmed in Chechnya and the North Caucasus. The film won Golden Rose award at the Konotavr film festival and Bodrov was awarded Nika as Best Supporting Actor.
bodrov sergei
His second film “Messenger” Sergei began to shoot in the summer of 2002. It’s supposed to be philosophical and mystical parable about the lives of two friends. Bodrov was going to become a screenwriter, film director and protagonist.
In September 2002, the crew went to the Caucasus to film scenes in women’s prison, and came to Karmadon Canyon (Karmadon Gorge, North Ossetia).
On September 20, 2002 Glacier Kolga began to move, it started gathering snow, ice and stones. Rescue work lasted for several months, but nobody was found.
Buried beneath the glacier in Karmadon Gorge, Bodrov remained forever young.
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