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Natalia Negoda – Little Vera

Natalya Negoda

Natalia Negoda – well-known Little Vera

Natalia Negoda is a Soviet, Russian and American actress. She is probably best known for her role in the Soviet film Little Vera (1988) directed by Vasily Pichul. The film was one of the best movies of the late 1980s. It won numerous awards at international festivals. The film was awarded Grand Prix Golden Hugo for best film at the 1988 International Film Festival in Chicago, Grand Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival in Montreal, FIPRESCI Prize at the International Film Festival in Venice. Also it was awarded the Blue Beach prize at the 1989 International Film Festival in Troy, the Grand Prix for the best film at the 1989 International film Festival in Angers and others.
Negoda was awarded Nika Academy Award and received awards at the 1988 International Film Festival in Bogota and at the 1989 International Film Festival in Geneva as Best Actress.
After the film beautiful actress became a sex symbol. In the late 1980s she appeared in American Playboy, becoming the first Soviet model of this iconic magazine. A few months later slogan From Russia With Love became the most popular in the western world.

Pretty girl was born on November 12, 1963 into the family of director Tamara Pavlyuchenko and actor Igor Negoda.
In 1986 she graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School and joined the Moscow Youth Theater. There the young actress performed for two years.
Natalia made her debut in 1985 in one of the episodes of the science fiction series This Fantastic World. Then there was a role in the family drama Tomorrow Was the War directed by Yuri Kara. The film was based on Boris Vasilyev’s novel. Along with Alexander Zbruev she played in the melodrama Self-Portrait of the Unknown Man.
Initially, the main role in the social film Little Vera was to be performed by Irina Apeksimova, then by actress Yana Poplavskaya. But Negoda got the role. The film was a huge success.
In the early 1990s, the actress went to the USA. There she starred in a musical drama Back to the USSR, a detective series Law and Order, a comedy about baseball Summer Comrades and a melodrama Every Minute Is Goodbye.
In 2009 Natalia again appeared on Russian screens in the drama Tambourine, Drum. For this role she received Golden Eagle and White Elephant awards.
Later, in 2017, the actress played in the new Russian-British feature film Van Gogi.

Personal life
When Natalia studied at the Moscow Art Theater School, she had a love affair with the son of her art director, Mikhail Efremov. After the success of the film Little Vera, the young people broke up.
In the early 90s, the actress got married. According to numerous rumors, her husband was a Russian emigrant living in the United States. In fact, Negoda met him in Moscow.
For many years Natalia lived in Los Angeles, but in 2007 she decided to return to her homeland. By the way, she divorced her husband.

Natalia Negoda – Little Vera