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Maria Kulikova

Maria Kulikova - Russian actress

Maria Kulikova – Russian actress

Maria Kulikova is a Russian film and theater actress. She fascinated the audience with her spectacular appearance and masterful acting. You know, Maria has appeared in almost 70 films and television series since 1999 and she is not going to stop. In 2017, the new seasons of sensational TV series with her participation were released.
Pretty girl was born on August 4, 1977 in Moscow. At the age of ten Masha entered a theater studio and her first role was the role of Baba Yaga.
After school, Kulikova decided to enter the law faculty, since at that time this profession was very prestigious. But soon she realized that she wanted to become an actress.
In 1998 Maria became an actress of the Moscow Academic Satira Theatre.
The actress played in Egor Konchalovsky’s detective film Hermit, then in Sergei Gazarov and Andrei Malyukov’s film Empire is Under Attack. But until 2002, Kulikova received only a few episodic roles.

The TV series Two Fates by Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Valery Uskov, in which the actress played one of the main roles, brought her popularity.
Later, in 2004, Maria starred in a fairy story Forest Princess based on Russian folklore.
Then, in 2006, she starred in the drama series Blood Sisters.
In 2008 the actress appeared in the comedy by Victor Kuzmenko, Flight of Fantasy, and many others.
The brightest work of the actress was in the popular medical TV series Sklifosofsky. During the filming Maria often took her two-year-old son Ivan with her, who quickly became the favorite of the film crew.
Another popular project is The Perfumer, in which Kulikova plays the leading role of Natalia Baranova, chief technologist of the perfume factory.

Personal life
The TV series Two Fates changed not only the career of the actress, but also her personal life. On the set of the TV series Maria met her future husband, actor Denis Matrosov. On August 22, 2011 their son Ivan was born. However, on January 26, 2015 the couple officially divorced.
For a long time, there were rumors about the relationship between Kulikova and actor Maxim Averin, but the actress said they were just friends.

Maria Kulikova