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Irina Lukyanova

Irina Lukyanova - Russian singer

Irina Lukyanova – Russian singer

Irina Lukyanova was born on July 22, 1976 in Moscow.
She is a former lead singer of female pop group Blestyashchie (1996-2003), now she is a choreographer.
The girl graduated from the Moscow College of Art (Department of Choreography).
Irina joined the pop group Blestyashchie in 1996, and left it in 2003 to devote herself to the family. She has daughter Anna.
Anna Semenovich was invited to replace the singer.

Blestyashchie is one of the first women’s groups in Russia. The founders of the team are composer Andrei Grozny and co-producer Andrei Shlykov. The sound producer of the group is Sergey Haruta.
In 1995, the composer and producer Andrei Grozny together with Andrei Shlykov decided to create a female band. Grozny invited the first soloist Olga Orlova, who later invited her friend Polina Iodis. The third soloist was the dancer Varvara Koroleva.
In 1996, their debut album was released. But before the tour, Varvara left the band and decided to devote herself to the family. In March, Irina Lukyanova came to replace her.
Some time later, Zhanna Friske joined the group. At the end of 1998 Polina Iodis left the group. Later, after leaving the group, she devoted herself to extreme sports. In August 1999, Ksenia Novikova was invited to the group. Olga Orlova learned about her pregnancy and announced her retirement in August 2000.
In August 2001, Julia Kovalchuk became the fourth soloist of the band.
The newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets named Blestyashchie one of the brightest Russian pop groups in February 2003.
In March 2003 Irina Lukyanova left the group due to pregnancy.
On February 13, 2016 in honor of the 20th anniversary of the group the program Tonight was released. And on December 30, the Best 20 collection of songs was released.
Lukyanova Irina singer

Russian pop singer and choreographer Irina Lukyanova

Lukyanova Irina singer

Irina – Russian pop singer and choreographer