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Irina Dubtsova – Russian singer, poet

Irina Dubtsova - Russian singer, poet

Irina Dubtsova – Russian singer, poet

Irina Dubtsova is a Russian singer, poet and composer. By the way, she was the winner of the TV project Star Factory-4 and the finalist of the Star Factory Return. Her most famous song About Him was written by herself.
Pretty girl was born on February 14, 1982 in Volgograd. Her father is the most famous musician in Volgograd. Victor Dubtsov is the founder of the jazz band Dubcoff band, which is very popular in Volgograd.
You know, Irina was fond of music since her childhood. When she was 11 years old, her parents created a children’s musical group Class. The team had become quite popular in Volgograd.
In 1999 famous producer Igor Matviyenko got disc with the song Hijo De La Luna performed by Dubtsova. Igor looked for girls for the new band, which was called The Girls. The group had become quite popular, and the song Mama Said (U-la-la), even became one of the best music videos on MTV channel in 2000.
However, Irina left the band before the release of the first album. After leaving the group she worked as Executive Director in the SBS Entertainment studio. There Irina met Anton Makarsky, famous Russian singer. Subsequently, almost all the songs for his album were written by her.

On March 5, 2004 Irina took part in the TV project Star Factory 4. Dubtsova performed in duets with famous Russian singers such as Mummy Troll, Igor Nikolaev, B-2, Alexander Ivanov, Ivanushki International, Alexander Rosenbaum, Vladimir Presnyakov, and performed her own song About Him.
Talented girl became the winner of the project. As a prize Irina got Peugeot, a solo album and shooting of three music videos, as well as the right to represent Russia at the young singers’ contest New Wave, where she took the second place. After the project Irina toured a lot and continued to write songs for popular Russian artists. Her song Heart in 1000 Candles was performed by Philip Kirkorov and he received the Golden Gramophone Award.
In February 2005 Irina’s debut album About Him was realized.
On July 19, 2007 her second album Wind was released. It included 12 songs that were written by Irina.
In 2008 Irina together with Polina Gagarina performed the song Who Why, which won the Muz-TV 2010 award as the Duo of the Year.
Later, in 2010, Dubtsova, Jasmin, Alsou, Tatyana Bulanova and Lera Kudryavtseva recorded children’s lullaby Sleep My Sunshine in support of the charity project Pampers and UNICEF.
In Spring 2012 Irina performed the song Eat Pray Love, the words and music were composed by herself and in April a music video by director Alexander Filatovich was filmed.
Besides, in 2014, Irina took part in the TV project Exactly The Same and became its winner.

Personal life
Irina married the lead singer of the band Plazma Roman Chernitsyn. On March 3, 2006 she gave birth to their son Artyom. Later they divorced.
In July 2012 Irina had a love affair with a businessman Konstantin Svarevsky.
Then, Irina dated businessman Tigran.
In 2014 she had a relationship with her creative partner, Leonid Rudenko. A year later the couple parted and in May 2015 Irina came back to Leonid.

Irina Dubtsova – Russian singer, poet