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Ekaterina Strizhenova

Ekaterina Strizhenova

Ekaterina Strizhenova – beautiful actress

Ekaterina Strizhenova (nee Tokman) is a Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter.
She was born on March 20, 1968 in Moscow. Her father, a journalist and writer, died of cancer when Katya was only six years old, and her sister Victoria was twelve. Her mother was a Russian language teacher, then she worked in the presidential administration.
At the age of five Ekaterina started acting in children’s television programs and was a presenter of children’s concerts and performances. Then the little girl joined Moscow children’s dance ensemble Kalinka.
Ekaterina made her film debut in 1984. The young aspiring actress played one of the title roles in drama Leader, directed by Boris Durov. On the set of the film Ekaterina met her future husband – Alexander Strizhenov, who also played one of the main roles in the film.
The actress graduated from Moscow Institute of Culture.
Ekaterina played in many theatrical production such as Subway and Hamlet at the Drama Theater named after Anton Chekhov, as well as in Actors Studio Theater’s productions.
In 1997, Strizhenova became a presenter of the television program Good Morning on Channel One.
In 1997, the girl starred in Alexander Shevchenko’s music videos for the songs “Everything will be as you want” and “Only for her”.
In 2008, she participated in the TV show Ice Age, where professional figure skater Alexei Tikhonov was her partner.

From December 2010 to December 2011 Strizhenova was the chief editor of “ITALIA – Made in Italy” magazine.
In 2013, she was a presenter of the talk show Pros and Cons on Channel One.
On November 25, 2013 Strizhenova and Alexander Gordon became presenters of the television project about the relationship between man and woman “Them and Us”.
Fashion designer Victoria Andreyanova, Ekaterina’s sister, sews dresses for the actress.
strizhenova childhood

Ekaterina in her childhood

Personal life
On October 24, 1987 Ekaterina married the Russian film and theater actor, director, screenwriter and producer Alexander Strizhenov (born June 6, 1969).
Their first daughter Anastasia was born on April 13, 1988. Nastya is going to be a fashion designer and studies in London.
On December 19, 2000 Ekaterina gave birth to their second daughter Alexandra. The girl is engaged in artistic gymnastics at the Olympic Training Center, her coach is Irina Viner.
strizhenova husband

Eketerina and her husband Alexander Strizhenov

strizhenova family

Ekaterina, her husband and their daughters

Selected filmography
1985 – Insurance Agent
1987 – Save Our Souls
1991 – Escape to the edge of the world
1992 – The road to nowhere
1993 – Angels of Death
1993 – American grandfather
1993 – Prinzenbad
1993 – Musketeers Thirty years later
1998 – Countess de Monsoreau
2003-2008 – Cobra: Antiterrorism
2003 – Another Life
2008 – Echoes from the past
2012 – Escape (Season 2)
2014 – The grandfather of my dreams
2014 – Little House in the heart
strizhenova ekaterina actress

Beautiful Ekaterina

strizhenova katya russian actress

Ekaterina – charming actress

strizhenova tikhonov

Ekaterina and professional figure skater Alexei Tikhonov