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Alien toys by Mariana Kopylova

Mariana Kopylova art

Mariana Kopylova and her forest spirit Youri, who warms winter trees

These wonderful toys come from Mariana Kopylova’s world of imagination.
Mariana is a graphic designer. She creates cute monsters and calls them “krakazyabras”. Krakazyabra is a toy made of wool, magical creature. Basically, they resemble alien creatures. Her toys are made in a single copy. These big-eyed creatures, or aliens, or unknown forest spirits are wonderful.
She calls herself a mediator between the world, where mythical creatures come from and to our world.
“I am a happy person. I create fabulous worlds, sew strange creatures and I am very fond of sand animation.”
Her style is a unique mixture of ethnic traditional Native American motifs and charming fairy tale illustrations. Violet-green shades of fantastic landscapes, cute animals, mysterious patterns… They attract and fascinate.
Mariana regularly participates in art festivals and hand-made exhibitions.

The young and talented artist was born on December 30, 1988 in Kharkov, USSR. She graduated from the Kharkov Pedagogical University. Mariana began to create her toys in childhood. She made purple donkeys and other amazing little animals.
“I cannot imagine my life without creativity. The main things are fantasy and inspiration.”
If you like, you can adopt one of wonderful and cute krakazyabras. Just visit her personal page Vkontakte.
Her page Vkontakte:
kopylova art wonderful toys

Cute Monsters – Krakazyabras by M. Kopylova

Alien toys by Mariana Kopylova

kopylova krakazyabra art

Trio: Guardian of the Peace Forest, Guardian of the Solar Planet and Morning Dew Collector

kopylova mariana art necklace

Cute necklace by talented artist M. Kopylova

kopylova art

Niabo – host of snowy land

kopylova mariana art toys

Soatu – keeper of the tree spirits

kopylova mariana picture

Fairy Tale City by M. Kopylova

kopylova mariana picture

Red Cat. World of Imagination by M. Kopylova