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Alexandra Putrya – Child of Light

sasha putrya

Sasha Putrya. 1983

Alexandra Putrya, one of the most extraordinary artists in the history of art, was born on December 2, 1977 in Poltava, USSR.
At the age of 11 Sasha left our world, but during her lifetime she managed to create 2279 works: 46 albums with drawings, cartoons and poetry, a great variety of crafts and even technical drawings. You know, her technical drawings were supposed to help adults reach the moon and make asphalt roads without cracks.
At the age of three Sasha began to draw and paint. For her drawing was as natural as sleeping and eating. Her father made an art studio from a small bedroom and tried to teach the girl, but she didn’t want! It was her imagination and born talent which helped her to draw such wonderful pictures.
When Sasha was five years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. Trying to ignore the pain, Sasha began to devote more time to her favorite pastime.

In 1986, Sasha watched Indian film Disco Dancer. And fell in love with the country and brilliant Indian actor Mithun Chakraborty. His portrait in the frame was always with her and she was even buried with it.
At that time, instead of funny animals and fantastic characters, she began to draw images of Hindu philosophy, and amazing self-portraits – sometimes as many-armed god Shiva or an adult Indian woman with sad eyes.
Sasha tried to change the world. The girl wanted to make it better and more beautiful. She worried about defenseless animals and was interested in the spiritual world.
Sasha fought for her life for six years, and then asked her parents to let her go. Shortly before her departure, she drew the father’s hand and her hand on it.
Finished drawing was found after January 24, 1989, when the girl had gone. It was her last picture. There Star of Sirius was painted, where Sasha wanted to fly.
From 1989 to 2005 there were more than one hundred Sasha’s solo exhibitions in many countries of the world. Several documentaries were filmed about the little girl and documentary novel was written.
By the way, she was posthumously awarded Gold medal of Christ the Saviour (1998), Order of the Holy Saint Nicholas (2000), Old icon in a silver frame Christ Almighty (2001), National prize of the Indian Association for Child Nehru Bal Samiti (2001).
During her short life she never hurt anyone, and was kind to everyone. Bright little angel, Child of Light.
Her last words were: “Dad?.. Forgive me … For everything …”
Sasha had lived for 11 years, 1 month and 21 days.
In the kindergarten where she was brought up, Sasha Putrya’s museum was opened, and a memorial plaque was installed on the wall.
There is the Children’s Art Gallery named after Sasha in Poltava. The Foundation for the Protection and Support of Talented Children held international contests of children’s drawings.
In 2016 in Yakovtsy Plekhanov Street was renamed in honor of Sasha.

Alexandra Putrya – Child of Light