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Roma Zver – Russian singer

Roma Zver

Roma Zver – Russian singer

Roma Zver (Roma Beast) is Russian singer, soloist and founder of the band Zveri (Beasts), fashion designer, TV presenter.
The singer’s real name is Roman Bilyk. He was born on December 7, 1977 in Taganrog, Russia. Roma grew up without a father. He spent hours playing the guitar, writing songs and singing with his youth band Asymmetry.
Roma graduated from the Don Interregional College of Construction and Economy.
In 2000 he arrived in Moscow. The boy came to conquer the capital with no money in his pockets. He worked in construction, and spent the night on the 12th floor of a building under construction. Once he could not stand such a life, he hid himself in the basement and took a lot of medication. Fortunately, he was found by homeless men, who called an ambulance. Later Roma worked as a security guard at a nightclub, met the right people who helped him to record the first song.

In autumn 2000, Roma met producer Alexander Voitinsky. And in 2001 the band Zveri was founded. Roma is an author and singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer, and, of course, the founder of the team.
Live sound is an integral part of the band’s concert.
In February 2002, the first music video for the song “For You” became a hit on MTV. And in summer 2002 the band signed a contract with the record company CD Land Records.
In February 2003 the world saw their debut album entitled “Hunger”.
In 2004, Zveri became the main youth group of the country. In autumn 2004, they collected a lot of awards at the MTV Russia Music Awards, including Best Artist, Best Group and Best Video.
In spring 2007 Zveri was included in the list of the richest Russian stars, according to Forbes magazine.
The band Zveri was awarded Best Rock Group award for 9 times.
Roman produced a line of clothing under the brand “Zveri”. The presentation took place in Moscow on April 7, 2010.
In 2011 he was a TV presenter of the program “The Game” on NTV.
Roman is the author of the book “Rain- guns “, in which he told about his life before coming to Moscow.
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Personal life
In 2004 Roman married Marina Koroleva, who previously worked as a model in Vienna, Tokyo, Paris and St. Petersburg. They have a daughter named Olga, who was born in 2008.
Roma enjoys fishing, loves Italian food and Italian wine. He hates onion as well as electronic music. Roman is keen on photography, collects edged weapons, dreams of building a house, likes to have a rest on the sea.

Roma Zver wife

Roma and his wife Marina Koroleva

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