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Alexander Nevsky – Russian actor, writer

Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky – Russian actor, writer

Alexander Nevsky is a bodybuilder, screenwriter, producer, writer and actor. You know, he has become the first successful Russian writer, producer and actor in Hollywood (thanks to his roles in Moscow Heat and Treasure Raiders).
Sasha Kuritsyn (his real name) was born on July 17, 1971 in Moscow. The boy began to do sports in 1986. He was an amateur boxer from 1986 to 1992, practiced different martial arts and attended master-classes by Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Later Alexander was engaged in bodybuilding and became medalist in Moscow. By the way, he was awarded by the Association of natural bodybuilding for the fight against steroids and was a judge at the World Cup Natural Olympia (1999).
However, Nevsky’s statements were challenged by the functionaries of the Federation of Bodybuilding and leading Russian bodybuilders (including Sergey Shelestov), who stated that they had never heard of the athlete with the same name.
In 1994 Nevsky graduated from the State Academy of Management in Moscow.
At the age of 25 Alexander changed his surname to Nevsky.

In 1998-1999 he was the author and one of the presenters of television programs – Under 16 and Over, Good Morning, The Party Zone.
By the way, Alexander moved from Moscow to Los Angeles (California, USA) in September 1999. He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.
In 2000 he played a cameo role in the movie Still Waters directed by Eldar Ryazanov.
Two years later he made his debut in the blockbuster Undisputed by Walter Hill. Also he starred in the thriller Red Dragon. Between 2003 and 2008, Alexander produced and played in six Hollywood films, the most famous of which are Moscow Heat and Treasure Raiders. In 2009 the actor played the main role in the film Magic Man and also he was a producer of the film.
Moreover, Nevsky published 5 best-selling books about fitness in Russia: How to Become Russian Schwarzenegger (1997), Kickboxer (1998), Gym for Children (1998), Exercises for Women (2000), Big Encyclopedia of Fitness (2006), Fitness in Hollywood (2007), The Ideal Body For Women (2009). You know, Alexander never worked as a personal trainer but inspired millions people to do sports. In 1995, he was The Biggest Bodybuilder in Russia. His weight was 145 kg.
On October 12, 2012, for the third year in a row, Alexander became the best among more than 120 athletes and was crowned Mr. Universe 2012. The competition was organized by the World Bodybuilding Federation (WBBF) and took place in the beautiful picturesque Slovakian resort.
The Mr. Universe title has been won by many famous actors including former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won it five times (NABBA Universe Championships).
One of his last works in the cinema is the film Showdown in Manila. The film was released in February 2016. Actor Dmitry Dyuzhev played along with Alexander.

Personal life
Alexander met his first wife Ekaterina when he was a student. They were together for 15 years.
According to journalists, after the divorce, the sportsman was seen more than once together with beautiful girls from the world of show business.
In 2010, Alexander had a love affair with actress and ballroom dance champion Oksana Sidorenko. They met each other on the project Dancing with the Stars. Nevsky did not hide his love affair and told the media that he planned a wedding.
In 2012, the bodybuilder was seen with another bride, model Maria Gurieva.
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Alexander Nevsky – Russian actor, writer