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Aleksey Vorobyov – Alex Sparrow

Aleksey Vorobyov - Alex Sparrow

Aleksey Vorobyov – Alex Sparrow

Aleksey Vorobyov is a Russian actor, charismatic singer, great musician and incredible performer. By the way, he is UN Goodwill Ambassador, the winner of Russian TV projects X-factor and Ice and Fire. He was presented to the European audience as Alex Sparrow at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.
The boy was born on January 19, 1988 in Tula, Soviet Union. Little boy fell in love with football and played for the school team as a scorer. Later he was fond of music and realized that it was his future. However, according to the young man, the difference between sport and the stage is not great: the movement forward, a lot of emotions, the thirst for victory. He has elder brother Sergey and sister Galina.
You know, the boy studied the accordion at the College of Music and participated in many competitions. His siblings also studied at the music school. After graduation, he was the lead singer of the Tula folklore ensemble Delight.

At the age of 17 Aleksey won a gold medal at the Delphic Games for Folk Singing in solo performance. And in the same year he went to Moscow to take part in the contest The Secret of Success. Actually, he took the third place in the final and marked the next step in his career.
Encouraged by the victory, the young man decided to move to the capital and continue professional growth. After the first year of studies, the singer signed a contract with Universal Music Russia.
The next achievement in his career was the hymn of the Youth Eight at the Summit in St. Petersburg. Then the singer became the face of MTV. The young man played the main character in the interactive multi-series film Alice’s Dream. It brought the actor a crazy popularity.
Despite the success, the actor decided to improve his professional skills and entered a theater college. Active participation in various projects and preparation for competitions took a lot of time and energy. So, the boy had to quit his studies.
Then he actively starred in the movies. In 2007, Vorobyov was awarded the MTV Discovery award at the 4th ceremony of the MTV Russia Music Awards.
Later, in 2011, the singer signed a contract with the famous Hollywood producer RedOne, who was known for his work with Lady Gaga, Asher, Enrique Iglesias. Under the terms of the contract, the performer received the pseudonym Alex Sparrow, which means a literal translation of his name.
Moreover, in 2010, he took part in a reality series Cruel Intentions. Later he participated in the TV show Ice and Fire where famous Russian ice-skater Tatiana Navka was his partner. During the project, Alex broke his arm, but decided not to leave the project. And they won the show.
On March 5, 2011 he was selected to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song Get You.
In March 2012, at the closing ceremony of the 12th Russian Film Festival in Tula, he received the award for the best male role in the film Samoubiytsy. Then followed the work in the TV series Deffchonki.
In 2014, he made his debut as a filmmaker. The short film Papa told the audience a tragic story about a mad father who lost his mind after the tragic death of his beloved daughter. The film received the Best Short Foreign Film award in America at the Action On Film Festival Festiva. Another award for the short film is Ruby Phoenix. He was awarded in Smolensk for the best debut at the festival Golden Phoenix.
At the end of January 2013 media spread the news about the car accident on one of the roads of Los Angeles. Alex’s left half of body was partially paralyzed.
On May 11, 2013 Vorobiev returned to Russia and immediately began acting in television series.
Handsome singer and actor took part in the TV show Bachelor on the TNT channel.

Personal life
His quite a serious relationship was with Julia Vasiliadi. They met each other in the ensemble in Tula. But Alex did not want to stand still and went to Moscow.
In 2008, he met actress Anna Chipovskaya, they were together for more than a year.
They say Vorobyov had a love affair with Tatiana Navka.
He dated actress Oksana Akinshina. But they parted in May 2011 because he didn’t take her to the Eurovision Song Contest. The young singer did not suffer from loneliness, and met Tatiana Terekhova, who was a commentator for Eurovision. Very soon they parted.
His next girlfriend was film and theater actress Maria Guzeeva, who was 6 years older than Alex.
Later Alex had a love affair with singer Victoria Dayneko. They parted in May 2012.

Aleksey Vorobyov – Alex Sparrow