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Yulia Snigir, Russian actress and model

Yulia Snigir
Yulia Snigir is a Russian actress and model. She is talented, smart and surprisingly beautiful.
Yulia was born on June 2, 1983 in Donskoy, Tula region.
At first Yulia didn’t make plans to become a star. She just wanted to leave her small provincial town and went to the capital. In Moscow she entered the Moscow State Pedagogical University, the Faculty of Foreign Languages. After graduation, she worked as an English teacher. But soon the girl realized it was not exactly what she wanted from life.

Once Yulia decided to try herself as a fashion model. The girl went to the modeling agency “Point” where she was noticed by Valeri Todorovski who was searching for actresses for the film “Hipsters”. Yulia didn’t get the role, but Todorovski advised her to enter the Theatre School.
In 2006, Snigir starred in the music video for the song “See you soon” by group Zveri. In the same year she began to play in films. Her debut film was The Last Slaughter.
In 2007 the actress played a role in the detective film “Vaccine” and starred in the acclaimed film “Gloss”.
The film Inhabited Island (2008) by Fyodor Bondarchuk, based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers, made her a real star and one of the most sought after actresses in modern Russia.
On the set of the film Yulia met a film operator Maxim Osadchy, who was 18 years older than the actress. Yulia and Maxim were together for several years. The couple broke up in 2012.

Maxim Osadchiy and Snigir

Yulia and Maxim Osadchiy

In 2012 Snigir played a ‘bad girl’ in the Hollywood film “A Good Day to Die Hard”, where she played with Bruce Willis and German actor Sebastian Koch, who was her top co-villain.
The actress starred in many films, but the most successful are “Atomic Ivan”, “Kokoku”, as well as foreign film “Rasputin” (France) and of course “Die Hard” (USA).

Snigir Bruce Willis

Snigir and Bruce Willis

Yulia also works as a TV presenter of the program “Theory of Relativity” on STS channel.
In 2013 Snigir had love affair with Russian successful actor Danila Kozlovsky, but they parted.

Snigir Kozlovsky

Yulia and Danila Kozlovsky

They say, Yulia’s real surname is Siriskina. It was her first husband who “gave” her name Snigir.
Her favorite movie is Schindler’s List.

Snigir Gerard Depardieu

Yulia and Gerard Depardieu in the film Rasputin

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Yulia Snigir, Russian actress and model