Danila Kozlovsky, actor

Danila Kozlovsky
Danila Kozlovsky is a Russian film and theater actor.
He was born on May 3, 1985 in Moscow. Since childhood future actor was engaged in dancing and singing, playing the saxophone and viola. Later he was seriously interested in football. 10-year-old Danila moved to St. Petersburg, where, together with his brothers entered the Naval Cadet Corps, which graduated in 2002.
However, he didn’t want to be a military man, his dream was to become an actor. Kozlovsky entered the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. While still a student, Danila joined MDT Europe, where he played in “King Lear”, “Life and Fate”, “Warsaw Melody”, “Lord of the Flies” and many others.
In 1999 he made his debut in the TV series on schoolchildren “Simple Truth”. Then he starred in the TV show “Gulf Stream under the iceberg” (2001), “Dancing on the Waves” (2003), “Streets of broken lamps, 5″ (2003), “Sissi – rebellious Empress” (2004).

But his first prominent role was in the film “Garpastum” (2005) directed by Alexei German Jr. The film was nominated for the “Golden Lion” at the Venice Film Festival and Kozlovsky was awarded “White Elephant”.

Kozlovsky in Garpastum
Kozlovsky in Garpastum

He was awarded best actor for his role in the movie “We are from the Future” (directed by Malyukov) at the XVI Festival “Constellation-2008″ in Tver.
In autumn 2008 he married actress Magdalena Malka, but in 2011 they divorced.
In the biopic “The Legend number 17” (2012) Danila played the famous hockey player Valery Kharlamov. In the same year he starred in the film adaptation of the book by Sergey Minayev “DuhLess”.
In the Hollywood version of the saga “Vampire Academy” by Richelle Mead, Kozlovsky plays the role of one of the coolest dhampirs Dmitry Belikov.

Danila Kozlovsky and his onscreen love Zoey Deutch in the movie Vampire Academy

Kozlovsky and Zoey Deutch
Kozlovsky and Zoey Deutch

Magdalena Malka and Danila Kozlovsky
Magdalena Malka and Danila Kozlovsky

Selected Filmography
2010 – Moscow, I Love You
2010 – Eugene Onegin
2011 – Hamlet of the XXI century
2011 – Five brides
2011 – Rasputin
2013 – It all began in Harbin
2013 – The habit to leave
2014 – Hardcore
2014 – Dubrovsky
2015 – Touching
2015 – Viking
Danila Kozlovsky Russian actor

Danila Kozlovsky handsome actor

Danila Kozlovsky famous actor

Daniel Kozlovsky Russian actor

Danila Kozlowski

Danila Kozlovsky Russian actor

Danila Kozlovsky famous actor

Danila Kozlovsky and Ricky Martin.
Danila Kozlovsky and Ricky Martin. source-likeness.ru

Kozlovsky Brad Pitt
But as for me Danila looks like Brad Pitt

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