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Yevgeni Tsyganov, Russian actor

Yevgeni Tsyganov
Yevgeni Tsyganov is one of the most popular Russian actors of “New generation”.
Yevgeni was born on March 15, 1979 in Moscow. As a child, he attended music school, where he learned to play the piano. At the age of 14 he began performing with the youth rock band “A.S.” The future actor with friends often played at various clubs in and around Moscow. Some time later, he even took part in the recording of their first studio album. But in 2004, the band broke up.
Already in childhood Yevgeni began performing in Taganka Theater, where he participated in productions created especially for young viewers.

In 1996 he became a student of the famous Shchukin Theater School, but studied there only one year, eventually decided to change his profession to film director. In 1997, he entered Russian University of Theatre Arts, where he met Peter Fomenko, who some time later invited Yevgei to work together on some joint projects.
In 2000, Tsyganov played a role in the play “One Absolutely Happy Village” and a year later joined “Pyotr Fomenko Studio Theater”.
In 2001, Yevgeni played a title role in the film “Collector” by Yuri Grymov, which was his first film role. His debut was very successful and soon the actor began to appear in various Russian films.
From 2002 to 2009 he starred in 14 films.
The actor got a prize at the film festival “Kinotavr” (2002, for his role in the film “Let’s Make Love”).
It is worth noting the fact that the movie “Mermaid” (2007), in which the actor played a major role, was nominated for Oscar in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”.
tsyganov yevgeni russian actor
Personal life
In 2004, during the filming of the movie “Children of the Arbat”, Tsyganov met his future wife, actress Irina Leonova.
At that time she was married to an actor Igor Petrenko, but because of Yevgeni she left her husband.
Yevgeni and Irina have five children – Polina, Nikita, Andrei, Alexander and Sophia. There is a rumor that they are waiting for the sixth baby.

tsyganov leonova

Yevgeni and his wife Irina Leonova

Selected filmography
2005 – Dreaming of Space
2006 – Hunter
2007 – Red Pearl of Love
2009 – Ivan the Terrible
2012 – The Legend of Love
2013 – Area
2013 – Thaw (film by Valeri Todorovski)
tsyganov yevgeni russian actor

yevgeni tsyganov russian actor

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