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Stylish Russian pensioners

Stylish Russian pensioners
Stylish Russian pensioners
Igor Gavar, a photographer from Omsk, takes photos of elderly people in the streets of Russian cities. Here are babushka and dedushka (grandma and grandpa), who have a sense of style and don’t forget their image, despite the circumstances.
For a long time the idea of beauty associated only with the cult of youth. Gavar’s project “Oldushka” is an attempt to expand our understanding of the age and style. These people were young when any manifestation of individuality was suppressed. However, even years later, they have a wonderful sense of style and dress up as if nothing had happened. Neither the circumstances, nor the power of stereotypes associated with age are able to overcome their desire to look beautiful.

Irina Andreevna, 75 years old. Omsk
Irina Andreevna
– I am often mistaken for an actress or a foreign citizen. These situations sometimes develop into interesting acquaintances. So, one day I met a Chinese family, whose head works as a translator. When foreign delegations come to Omsk he invites me as a Russian escort.

Victor Afanasevich, 71 years old
Victor Afanasevich
– The sun rises, the day begins and that’s enough for life. You just need to focus on this eternal cycle of life.

Valeria Nikolaevna, 75 years old. Moscow
Valeria Nikolaevna
– This is dance outfit. I am going to go to the park to a summer dance floor. I love dancing and even had taught it for 15 years. When I was retired, I began to go to a special group, where I dance paired with visually impaired people.

Larisa Iosifovna, 63 years old. Moscow
Larisa Iosifovna
Administrative assistant.

Albina Stanislavovna, 70 years old. Moscow.
Albina Stanislavovna
– One day, I was noticed by an agent in the subway, who invited me to audition. I came and was offered a role in the film “The Mermaid”. It was in 2007. Since then I have acted in films and TV series. My recent work is the role in the movie by Renata Litvinova “The Last Tale of Rita”. Prior to my acting career, I worked as a spinner in a textile factory.

Albina Nikolaevna, 73 years old. Omsk
Albina Nikolaevna
– The current generation doesn’t know the history of our country. Young people are not interested in the past and cannot adequately respond to changes taking place in the state. We’ve lost contact between the era and generation.

Leo Avramovich, 88 years old. Moscow
Leo Avramovich
– This is the clothes which I usually wear to go for a walk.

Nadezhda Dmitrievna, 62 years old. Moscow
Nadezhda Dmitrievna
– It is important to assess the age adequately, to understand that aging changes our appearance and we need to rebuild our style. Some women are trying to escape back to the youth and they look ridiculous.

Galina Andreevna, 77 years old. Omsk
Galina Andreevna
– I love bright colors and I combine a lot of things at once. Probably, because of my great-grandfather, who was a gypsy of Indian origin. There, in India, they wear so bright dresses.

Gennady, 78 years old. Moscow
– “Movement is life” and my life is subordinated to this statement. I get up at 5.20 and do morning exercises, in the afternoon I prefer walking at least 5 km. 2 days a week I go to fitness classes, 2 days a week I play chess to push away marasmus, on Saturday and Sunday I go to dances. I do not understand people sitting all day long at home.

Tamara Georgievna, 73 years old. Perm
Tamara Georgievna
She worked as an actress and a theater teacher.

Dagmara Alexandrovna, 97 years old. Moscow
Dagmara Alexandrovna
– The most important thing is not to lose heart. Always be in a good mood and give your smile to people.

Eugene Andreevich, 67 years old. St. Petersburg
Eugene Andreevich
Ekaterina Pavlovna, Omsk. She worked as an English teacher at Omsk State University.
Ekaterina Pavlovna
Elvira, Moscow – I am a woman without age.
Anatoly Grigorievich, 56 years old
Anatoly Grigorievich
– I used to be young and handsome, now I am just handsome.

Nelly, 72 years old
– One day I went to the drugstore for some pills, and eventually bought wonderful earrings.

Svetlana Grigorievna, 65 years old
Svetlana Grigorievna
– I often remake things. This habit is from my childhood. In my school time we had to wear the same uniform. But I always remade something to feel myself special.

Igor Gavar

Igor Gavar – author of the project

Igor and his grandma Lidia

Igor and his grandma Lidia