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Renata Litvinova, Russian actress

Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova, Russian actress

Renata Litvinova is beautiful, talented, successful, independent. She is an actress, screenwriter, director, producer, television host, author of music videos. She has a lot of awards, including the title Honored Artist of Russia. Brilliant actress starred in the award-winning films Passions, The Tuner, Two in One and Melody for a Street-organ, directed by Kira Muratova, all of which won Nika Awards.
Dream Team brand L’Oreal enlarged by “persons” – in addition to Natasha Poly, Jennifer Lopez, Diane Kruger, Rachel Ueyts joined the Russian actress Renata Litvinova.
Renata was born on January 12, 1967 to a Russian mother and a Tatar father, who were doctors. Childhood was the most unpleasant chapter in Renata’s biography. To tell the truth, she does not like to talk about it, even destroyed all her photos.

When the girl was not even a year old, her father left the family. And the little girl suffered, even lied to all that her father was away on business.
Since childhood, she wasn’t like everyone else. Renata didn’t like her name as children in the yard and at school called her names. Her childhood dream was to have a simple Russian name like Masha or Lena.
Cinema was her love since childhood. And after graduating from school she entered the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography. At the Institute Renata was called Geisha because of white makeup, red lipstick and false eyelashes.
Litvinova became famous after her role of nurse in the TV series Border. Taiga novel directed by Alexander Mitta. Then followed the role in Heaven. Girl. Plane. In total, Renata has starred in more than 30 movies, including Goddess. How I Fell in Love (Livinova was a director and producer), I’m Not Hurt, Cruelty and Generation P.
Bright Litvinova made her debut as a theater director at the Moscow Art Theater, where she produced the play North Wind, on September 13, 2017.
Awesome Renata gained wide popularity largely due to her public image, style and behavior. According to fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, Litvinova has her own style, which is felt in the manner of talking, moving and dressing.

Personal life
Talented actress doesn’t like to discuss her personal life. About the first husband, film producer Alexander Antipov, she never speaks. But it’s known that she married at the age 17 and three years later, Alexander left her alone with a broken heart.
Her second husband, businessman Leonid Dobrovsky, asked to say that he was an engineer. However, this simple engineer presented his wife with a huge Mercedes. In summer 2001 their daughter Ulyana was born. Everything was all right in the family, but only until journalists started writing about the close friendship between Litvinova and Zemfira Ramazanova. Because of this Renata and her spouse Leonid Dobrovsky divorced in 2006.
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Renata Litvinova, Russian actress

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