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Kirill Safonov, Russian actor

Kirill Safonov

Kirill Safonov, Russian actor

Kirill Safonov is a Russian actor, known mostly for his roles in television series, including Tatiana Day (2007), Bear Corner (2009), Conditions of Contract (2011), Brief Course of Happy Life.
The boy was born on June 21, 1973 in Ermakovskoe village, Krasnoyarsk Krai. Later the family moved to Ukrainian city Lvov, where the future actor spent his childhood and school years.
When the boy was 12 years old, his parents divorced. The mother, Russian language and literature teacher, raised three children alone. Kirill has two elder sisters. Safonov always wanted to be an actor. His first role was in a school play.
In the early 1990s, Kirill returned to Krasnoyarsk, where he entered the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Arts. But there he studied for a year and transferred to the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS). In 1997, the actor did not play a monologue and was expelled from the institute. After leaving GITIS, Safonov found work at the Mayakovsky Theater, then at the Stanislavsky Theater.
In 1999, Kirill began to work at the Israeli theater Gesher in Tel Aviv.

The film Half-Russian Love by Eitan Anner was presented at the Moscow Film Festival in 2006. The film tells about the first love, bitterness, betrayal and relations between Jews and Russian.
The role in the popular melodrama Tatiana Day brought Safonov real success. This is the Russian adaptation of the Colombian telenovela The War of the Roses, which was broadcast on the central channels of Russia and Ukraine and quickly gained high ratings. Safonov, Natalya Rudova and Anna Snatkina played the main roles in the melodrama.
In 2016, Kirill appeared in the second season of the series The Marriage Contract, and in 2017 he played in the detective film The Penalty directed by Oleg Fomin.
You know, in 2016, the actor tried his hand at directing. His debut film The Fourth was presented at the Moscow International Film Festival and he young director was awarded Ruby Phoenix prize at the Golden Phoenix film festival.
Actually, Kirill is often invited to take part in different TV shows: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Let Them Talk and Culinary Duel.
Moreover, Safonov sings professionally and plays the guitar. By the way, he is fluent in Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, German.
The actor voiced more than a thousand films.

Personal life
He married his first wife Elena at a young age. At first, the family lived in a student dormitory. Later Safonov was given a room. But he did not have enough money to support his wife and child. So, he had to work as a taxi driver at night. It was hard to combine two works. Safonov was very tired and fell asleep during rehearsals in the theater. He even fell asleep while driving. Fortunately, he could awake in time.
When Safonov was invited to play in the Israeli theater Gesher, the whole family moved to Israel. The actor necessarily had to learn Hebrew.
One day Elena left her husband. Kirill was depressed, but managed to keep friendly relations with her. In Israeli theater Kirill worked until 2001.
From his first marriage, Safonov has daughter Anastasia (born in 1995), who lives with her mother in Israel. Kirill loves his daughter very much, calls her Princess. Nastya is really very beautiful and talented. She began to act in films being a little girl, and now she quite successfully builds her modeling career.
On April 17, 2010 he secretly married the lead singer of Fabrika Alexandra Savelieva. They met at a nightclub in 2009. The following day, Kirill phoned her. It was love at first sight. Initially, they hid their relationships, because the actor was afraid that teenage daughter would be against a stepmother. But the girls became friends.

Kirill Safonov, Russian actor