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Sergei Vronsky – great hoaxer or professional astrologer?

Sergei Vronsky - great hoaxer or professional astrologer?

Sergei Vronsky – great hoaxer or professional astrologer?

Sergei Vronsky was called ingenious hoaxer, compared with Nostradamus, Count Cagliostro, False Dmitry, and even Baron Munchausen. He was a descendant of the old ducal family, German Wehrmacht major, Rudolf Hess’ personal astrologer and, according to his biographers, one of the most effective Stalin’s agents.
He was an astrologer and a healer. And famous people including Feodor Chaliapin and Alexander Alekhine, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, Georges Pompidou and Mao Zedong, asked him for help. Vronsky had warned about the death of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Besides, he wrote a multivolume work Classical astrology and created a methodology for calculating the favorable and unfavorable periods for the individual based on his biorhythms.
Vronsky was an extraordinary and mysterious person. His name has become a symbol of classical astrology of the 20th century, and his multi-volume work, written in simple and understandable language, opened the gates to the mysterious science of astrology for many people. Vronsky died on January 10, 1998 in Riga, and a few days before his death, he had finished his work – 12 volumes on classical astrology. He put the last point in his manuscript, and only then quietly left this world. Vronsky was a mysterious person and even the closest people did not know anything about him in particular. He said: “I do not have the right to tell the truth.”

Sergei Vronsky was born on March 25, 1915 into the family of the general. After the revolution his family was going to leave Russia for Paris, but the general was persistently offered to help the young Soviet republic to develop its own encryption system. General agreed with the condition that after the end of the work his family would be allowed to travel abroad. The work was finished and the family was packing suitcases. Suddenly a group of security officers rushed into the house and killed the whole family. Fortunately, five-year-old Sergei was walking in the park with governess at that time. However, the son of the governess was with the Vronskys. The killers shot the boy, but the son of General Vronsky was still alive. Sergei and the governess went to Paris. After a while Sergei’s grandmother found him and brought to Riga. Like all other children Sergei went to school, attended music and dance classes, was fond of motor racing. The grandmother had a great influence on the boy. She taught him astrology and to heal people.

Vronsky - great astrologer

Great astrologer Sergei Vronsky

In 1933 Sergei went to Berlin to his distant cousin Kraft. There he studied the occult sciences in the secret institution. The students studied hypnosis, telepathy, astrology, radiology, homeopathy, clairvoyance. After graduation Sergei received a diploma and the title of the Wehrmacht lieutenant. He treated cancer patients in a concentration camp, using astrology, homeopathy, and radiology. Meanwhile, Karl Kraft asked Vronsky to make the horoscope of Rudolf Hess, who was then the Deputy Fuhrer. Hess was going to marry, but Vronsky’s horoscope predicted that the wedding wouldn’t take place. Hess was angry, but his bride died in a car accident. After that Hess trusted Vronsky and asked him to make a horoscope for a pretty girl who worked for the Nazi party. Sergei predicted her marriage with the great man. Pretty girl’s name was Eva Braun. Soon Vronsky became Hitler’s adviser as a doctor. Hitler was not a very healthy person and constantly needed a physician. Hitler trusted Vronsky. It turned out that Vronsky had already been recruited by Soviet intelligence and all the news was successfully passed to the destination. So he said to the Soviet Government the date of Hitler’s attack on Poland, Russia.
Vronsky - mysterious person

Mysterious person Sergei Vronsky

Sergei predicted Hess a quick death if he did not leave Germany. Hess flew to England. Hitler learned of the betrayal of Hess, the cause of which was the prediction of the astrologer. Personal astrologer Kraft predicted a complete collapse after the German attack on Russia. Hitler ordered to put Kraft in a concentration camp, where he died, and astrology in Germany was banned. Vronsky was sent to the front, where he decided to go to Russia. He crossed the front line on German plane, which was shot down by Russian. Vronsky was able to save himself. At the end of the war he returned to Riga and worked as a headteacher, but soon he was arrested and spent six years in the camps. After the camps he was forbidden to live in Riga, but Vronsky lived not far from the city, together with his new wife.
And in 1946 he was imprisoned for espionage again. After five years in the camps, he was released for health reasons. Vronsky imitated the last stage of the cancer. He went to Moscow. Then there was the meeting with Khrushchev, after which Vronsky spent some time working in the Institute of Cosmology. There he made astrological predictions for Korolev, Gagarin. On the day of the tragic death of Gagarin, Vronsky asked him not to make any flights, but Yuri Gagarin replied that he was a soldier, and was obliged to obey the orders. Next, it was the era of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. Although, astrology wasn’t very popular among people, as they thought it was a false science. Vronsky earned by playing musical instruments in restaurants.
Vronsky - extraordinary person

Extraordinary person Sergei Vronsky

Subsequently, he was invited to teach radiology at the Medical University, but it did not last long. Faculty was closed as anti-Soviet, anti-scientific. Only Yuri Andropov knew about Vronsky as a spy, allowed him to teach astrology at the University for the Party workers.
In the late eighties people became interested in astrology and occult knowledge. Sergei Alekseevich at last became popular. He wrote a unique multi-volume on the classical astrology, not being a writer or literary critic. He made accurate and interesting predictions based on astrological facts and on his unique insight.
Nowadays, astrology is firmly established in our lives. Many schools are opened. Among Vronsky’s students there were Pavel Globa, Alexander Zaraev, Sergey Shestopalov, Juna Davitashvili, Augustine Semenko, etc.

Sergei Vronsky died in 1998. He said that he had no right to argue with fate, and he should simply accept what was given to him. The main thing is to cherish the allotted earthly time.

Sergei Vronsky – great hoaxer or professional astrologer?

Vronsky - extraordinary person

Extraordinary person Sergei Vronsky

Pavel Globa and Sergey Vronsky

Pavel Globa and Sergey Vronsky

Count Vronsky

Count Sergei Vronsky

Grave of Vronsky

Grave of Sergei Vronsky