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Natalia Bochkareva – Russian actress

Natalia Bochkareva

Natalia Bochkareva – Russian actress

Natalia Bochkareva is a theater and film actress, comedian and TV presenter. She is better known for her role of Dasha Bukina in the sitcom Happy Together, the Russian remake of American sitcom Married… with Children. This role brought her huge success. Beautiful actress starred together with Victor Loginov (as her husband), Daria Sagalova (as her daughter), Alexander Yakin (as her son) and others.
Future actress Natalia was born on July 25, 1980 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Her mother worked as an accountant at the Gorky Automobile Plant and her father was a worker at the same plant. Natalia has a younger sister Nadezhda Bochkareva. Being a school girl she was involved in dancing, embroidery, as well as attended classes at modeling school.

Also she studied at the drama school, but it was just an interesting hobby for her. The girl dreamed of becoming a journalist. Moreover, she worked for several youth newspapers in her hometown. As a journalist, she often talked with Russian celebrities, and at some point decided to become an actress.
Her debut took place in the movie Chinese Service in 1999. A year later, in 2000, Natalia graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School and in 2002 from the Moscow Art Theatre School. Then she joined the Moscow Art Theater and appeared in many plays including A Little Tenderness, Zero, Playing the Victim, Violin And a Little Bit Nervous and some others.
After her role in sitcom Happy Together the actress became popular in all corners of the CIS. The sitcom was broadcast with great success in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan. Later Natalia received title roles in Quarter and Megadzhunglis and began to appear in various television projects as a star guest.
At the age of 36, in 2016, Bochkareva tried her hand at film directing. For a long time she was engaged in the filming of her own project – the film Day Out. This mystical drama surprised fans of a cheerful and smiling actress with an unexpectedly serious look at the world.

Personal life
On September 28, 2007 Natalia married a lawyer, Nikolai Borisov. They have two children: a son – Ivan Borisov (born on January 4, 2007), and a daughter Maria Borisova (born on February 22, 2008). In 2014 it turned out that Natalia had been divorced for several years and she hid this fact even from her own friends.

Natalia Bochkareva – Russian actress

Natalia Bochkareva Russian actress

Wonderful Russian actress Natalia Bochkareva

bochkareva husband

Lovely Natalia Bochkareva and her husband Nikolai Borisov

natalia bochkareva children

Great Natalia and her children

bochkareva loginov

Brilliant Natalia and her TV husband Victor Loginov

Amazing Bochkareva Natalia

Amazing actress

Bochkareva and her children

Bochkareva and her children

Cute Bochkareva Natalia

Cute girl

Famous Bochkareva Natalia

Famous actress

Graceful Bochkareva Natalia

Graceful Bochkareva Natalia

Impressive Bochkareva Natalia

Impressive actress

Interesting Bochkareva Natalia

Interesting Bochkareva Natalia

Known Bochkareva Natalia

Known actress

Magnificent Bochkareva Natalia

Magnificent actress

Natalia Bochkareva with her former husband and children

Natalia Bochkareva with her former husband and children

Outstanding Bochkareva Natalia

Outstanding actress

Shiny Bochkareva Natalia

Shiny Natalia

Stunning Bochkareva Natalia

Stunning actress

Talented Bochkareva Natalia

Talented Bochkareva Natalia