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Irina Chaschina

Irina Chaschina - Russian athlete

Irina Chaschina – Russian athlete

Irina Chaschina is a Russian gymnast, Honored Master of Sports, vice-president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation. Actually, Irina won a silver medal at 2004 Olympics. She is a repeated World and European champion in the group and separate all-round events. Outstanding Irina was the World champion in 1999, silver prize winner in all-round events and separate kinds of sport. In addition, she is a bronze prize winner in all-round events and exercises with hula-hoop at World Championship (2003). Chaschina is a member of Russian National Team since 1994.
Beautiful girl was born on April 24, 1982 in Omsk. At the age of six she became engaged in gymnastics and at the age of 12 she became a member of the Russian team. In 1999 famous Irina Viner became Irina’s coach.
After retirement from the big sport Irina worked as a fitness instructor, took part in the TV shows, and even wrote a book Be Yourself.

In 2006, she participated in the TV show Dancing on Ice. Together with her partner Ruslan Goncharov Irina took the third place.
The girl’s photos appeared in MAXIM magazine. Thanks to the work of Chashchina and Alina Kabaeva, rhythmic gymnastics has become a popular sport in Russia.
Later, in 2008 Chashchina took part in the TV project Circus with The Stars and became a winner of the project. Actor Valery Nikolaev was her partner.
The athlete played the lead female role in a feature film The Way in 2009.
On May 11, 2013 Irina opened her own school of rhythmic gymnastics in Barnaul.
Now Irina devotes much time to children’s sports competitions and training of the younger generation.

Personal life
In 2011 she married businessman Evgeny Arkhipov, Dmitry Medvedev’s (Prime Minister of Russia) friend. Despite the fact that her husband is 17 years older than Irina, they get along well with each other. The husband supports Irina in everything.

Irina Chaschina