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Igor Talkov – rock musician

igor talkov

Igor Talkov – rock musician

Talented poet and musician Igor Talkov was born on November 4, 1956 in a poor family. His parents met in prison. The singer came from a noble family (his uncles served as officers of the tsarist army), and the father and the mother of the musician were repressed. They met in the village of Orlov-Rozovo, Kemerovo region. Their first son Vladimir (Igor’s elder brother) was born there. After rehabilitation, family was sent to Schekino (Tula region) and they weren’t allowed to move somewhere. So, Schekino became the birthplace of the singer, rock musician, poet and actor.
Talkov began to write poems studying in elementary school. He was a self-taught musician, played the guitar, the piano, the bass guitar, the violin and the drums. It is interesting that he didn’t play his most beloved musical instrument, saxophone, but adored listening to it.
He was a very open and sociable person, but he hadn’t real friends.
His life was short but very intense – as if anticipating an early death, he was always in a hurry, wanted to make as much as possible.

Igor was a Russian singer who selflessly cherished his homeland. He always studied the history of the country. The boy was bright and original, and was loved by people. All his concerts Igor started with a conversation with the audience. At the beginning of the concert, he recalled ancient history, drawing parallels to the present time. And then began to sing.
He worked with the groups April, Kaleidoscope and Electro Club (along with Irina Allegrova).
First Talkov became known after his performance at the festival Song of the Year with the song Pure Ponds. After that, in 1987 in order to share his own songs with the audience, Igor created a group Life Buoy. By the end of 1989, Igor had written over two hundred songs.
The poet never wanted to imagine another fate and didn’t think about an acting career. Though secretly, according to his relatives, he dreamed of acting. And this dream fulfilled. Saltykov, film director, saw Talkov’s music video Russia and noted his acting skills. Igor was invited to try his hand in a lead role in the film Prince Silver (Knyaz Serebryannyy). During the filming of the movie director Nikolai Stambula invited him to star in another movie where Igor was supposed to play one of the fathers of the mafia. The singer agreed and had played two diametrically opposite screen images at the same time: the noble prince and leader of the mafia.

Igor predicted his death.
One day singer was flying with his band on tour, and the plane flew into a storm cloud. People started to worry, but Talkov said: “As long as you’re with me, you will not perish. I’ll be killed in a large crowd and the killer won’t be found”. By the way, after this incident, Talkov wrote the famous hit I’ll Be Back.
Igor Talkov was killed with a revolver Nagan on October 6, 1991 in St. Petersburg at Jubilee Sports Palace and the killer wasn’t found.

Personal life
On July 22, 1979 Igor met his future wife Tatiana. The wedding took place in 1980. On October 14, 1981 their son Igor Talkov Jr. was born.
When Igor was killed, his son was nine years old. According to Igor Talkov Jr., his passion for music began when he was fifteen. In 2005, he released his first album We Need To Live, which consisted of eighteen songs: fifteen of them were written by Talkov Jr. and three of them were his father’s songs in the new arrangement.
On March 5, 1993 Igor Talkov Museum was opened in Moscow.
There are many books dedicated to Talkov, for example the book Broken Strings, written in 1993, consists of two parts, first is a biography of Viktor Tsoi and his lyrics, and the second is Talkov’s biography and lyrics. And the book Monologue (1992) was written by Talkov.

Igor Talkov – rock musician