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Hellawes – Natalia O’Shea

Hellawes - Natalia O'Shea

Hellawes – Natalia O’Shea

Hellawes is a Russian harpist, Russian singer, songwriter, founder and soloist of the group Melnitsa. By the way, she is a candidate of philological sciences, specialist in Celtic and early German writing and literature.
Natalia Nikolaeva (her real name) was born on September 3, 1976 into the family of Moscow scientists. Her father was an organic chemist, and her mother worked at the Moscow State University as a biochemist.
Since childhood Natalia was fond of music and even wanted to become a pianist. Her dad was fond of classical music, and he taught his daughter to listen to it and understand it. But then she decided to enter the Moscow State University. At the university the girl became interested in Tolkienistics, mysticism and occultism. So Natalia chose creative pseudonym Hellawes, the name of the witch from the novel Death of Arthur.
In 2003, Nikolaeva defended her Ph.D. thesis. One time she passed an internship in Ireland and taught at Dublin Trinity College.

In 1998 Natalia first performed under a new stage name Hellawes. This happened when the singer started working with the band Till Eulenspiegel. You know, the girl was a vocalist and co-author of many songs.
In mid-October of the following year the band Melnitsa was formed. In 2003, the first album The Road of Sleep appeared and two years later the second album was released.
Besides, Natalia learned to play several instruments: piano, Celtic harp, acoustic guitar, castanets and percussion. But the favorite instrument of the artist is the Celtic harp. Now she even gives master classes at festivals of ethnic music.
Actually, the singer released several solo discs. But the creativity of the performer is closely connected with the band Melnitsa.
Today Hellawes lives in Europe and periodically visits Russia to take part in concerts of the groups Melnitsa and Clann Lir.
She is one of the most popular folk-rock singers in Russia.
Awesome girl speaks Irish, English, French, Danish.
Hellawes played the role of dark goddess Takhisis in the Russian musical Final Test, based on the book series The Saga of the Spear.

Personal life
On August 21, 2004 Natalia married James Cornelius O’Shea, an Irish citizen, who was a member of staff of the Irish Embassy in Moscow. She has two daughters Nina Caitriona O’Shea (born in 2008) and Una Tamar (born in 2011).
Her hobbies are yoga, horse riding, hiking, climbing, skiing, embroidery, sewing, lace, fashion design. Also she likes cooking.
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Hellawes – Natalia O’Shea