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Alexei Nemov, Russian gymnast

Alexei Nemov gymnast

Alexei Nemov – outstanding Russian gymnast

Alexei Nemov is one of the most celebrated Russian gymnasts, 4-time Olympic champion, editor-in-chief of The Great Sport magazine.
Alexei was born on May 28, 1976 in Mordovia, USSR. At the age of five the boy was engaged in gymnastics. In 1983, Evgeniy Nikolko, master of sports and honored coach of Russia, became his coach.
Nemov earned his first victory in 1989 at the USSR Youth Championship. After a successful start, he began to achieve outstanding results almost every year.
In 1990, Alexei won in several individual events at the Games for young students of the USSR.

In 1990-1993, he was a participant of multiple international competitions and won both individual events and absolute superiority.
In 1993, Nemov won the all-around title at the RSFSR Cup.
A year later, Alexei won the Russian championship, becoming a four-time Goodwill Games champion and received three gold medals and a silver one at the European Championships in Italy.
At the XXVI Olympic Games in Atlanta (USA) Nemov became two-time Olympic champion, having won two gold, one silver and three bronze medals.
In 1997, he won the gold medal at the World Championships in Switzerland.
In 1999, Alexei graduated from the Togliatti Branch of Samara State Pedagogical University.
In 2000, Nemov won the European and World Championships, and became a World Cup winner.
At the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia) Alexei became the absolute champion, having won six Olympic medals: two gold, one silver and three bronze.
nemov alexei olympic champion

A. Nemov – Olympic Champion

At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens the athlete demonstrated not only an outstanding performance, but also an extremely strong will. He became the victim of some unfair judges who gave him unreasonably low marks for his performance at the horizontal bar. The public in the Olympic stadium became indignant with the judges’ decision. For 15 minutes, spectators expressed their protest by shouting and whistling. It was not only Russians but also the sports fans of other nationalities, including Greeks, Italians, Germans, Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Spanish, and Canadians, who participated in this protest. This public recognition was the true medal for the Russian athlete.
“I finished my career with dignity, just as I had hoped. I am grateful to my fans, who gave me a tremendous amount of support. It is true happiness for an athlete when the public understands what is really going on,” said the famous gymnast.
Being of such sound character, Alexei Nemov is sure to gain much success in his life beyond his athletic career.
On July 26, 2010 Nemov became a member of the Patriarchal Council for Culture (Russian Orthodox Church).


nemov champion

Alexei and his medals

On January 6, 1997 Nemov was awarded the Order of Courage for high achievements in sports at the XXVI Summer Olympics in 1996.
In 2000 in London Nemov, as the best athletes on the planet, received sports Oscar – World Sports Awards. In the same year, Alexei was awarded the rank of Major of the Russian Army.
On April 19, 2001 he received the Order “For Merits for the Fatherland” IV degree for outstanding contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, high achievements in sports at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad in Sydney in 2000.
On February 18, 2006 the athlete received the Order of Honor for outstanding contribution to the development of physical culture and sports and high achievements in sports.
He was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for outstanding achievements in sport.
In November 2005, the chairman of the Polish Olympic Committee Peter Nurovsky awarded Alexei Nemov with Fair Play, Pierre de Coubertin Award, in the category For Action.
nemov gymnast

Alexei – great gymnast

Personal life
Alexei met his future wife Galina in Moscow at the training camp Round Lake. At first they were just friends. At that time, Galina was already married and raised her son. After Nemov’s first victory at the Olympics Galina moved in with him. In 2000, during the Olympic Games in Sydney, she gave birth to a son, Alexei Nemov, Jr..
nemov wife

Alexei, his wife Galina and their son

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Alexei – most celebrated Russian gymnasts

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