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Alla Dovlatova – radio and TV presenter

Alla Dovlatova
Alla Dovlatova is a Russian radio and TV presenter, actress and most beautiful DJ. Her real name is Marina Evstrakhina.
Alla was born on August 16, 1974 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). Her father, Alexander Evstrakhin is a President of the Saint Petersburg Ice Hockey Federation.
In 1996, Alla graduated from the St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Journalism.
Since 1990 she has worked as a radio host. (1992 – New Petersburg, 1994 – Modern, 2002 -Russian Radio, 2008 – Mayak, 2012 – Radio Romantika, 2013 – Ru FM)
In 1990, she was an author and host of a student program Neva Wave. And then, in 1992, Alla joined New Petersburg radio, where she was an author and the host of Cowperwood Club and W-E-studio. At the same time she was a TV presenter of Music exam on RTR.

Alla Dovlatova childhood

Alla in her childhood

In 1993, Dovlatova entered the Theater Institute.
Since 1994, she worked on the radio station Modern.
In 2002, Alla was a host of the morning show Sunflowers, together with Andrei Chizhov.
Since 2008 Dovlatova’s voice could be heard on radio Mayak.
Alla also plays in the theater. She acted in such plays as Decorator of Love, Divorce. Moscow Style, Die Fledermaus and others.
Dovlatova starred in the TV series My Fair Nanny, Secrets of the investigation and National Security Agent.
Alla worked as a TV presenter of such programs as Good morning, Golden Gramophone, Cosmopolitan. Video Version, Girls, Daughters vs Mothers.
dovlatova alla presenter
Personal life
The most beautiful DJ, Alla Dovlatova, lived with St. Petersburg entrepreneur Dmitry Lyutoi – Evstrakhin for 12 years. They have two children – daughter Dasha and son Pasha.
There were rumors about Alla’s love affair with famous Russian TV presenter Andrey Malakhov.
In 2007 Alla and Dmitry divorced.
Alexei Boroda, employee of the Moscow police, became Alla’s second husband. By the way, Alexey also worked as a presenter.
Boroda wanted to meet Alla for a long time. Once he heard her interview with Russian singer Philip Kirkorov on Russian Radio. A little later, Alexei saw the singer on one of the concerts and asked to introduce him to Alla. Kirkorov didn’t refuse and now he is a godfather of the family.
Alla and Alexei got married in 2007 and in 2008 Dovlatova gave birth to their daughter Alexandra.
Alla Dovlatova wedding

Dovlatova and her second husband Alexei Boroda

Dovlatova husband

Alla Alexei and their daughter

Dovlatova children

Alla is a mother of three children

dovlatova most beautiful DJ

dovlatova alla beautiful presenter

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