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Andrey Malakhov – famous TV presenter

Andrey Malakhov
Andrey Malakhov is a TV journalist, showman, TV presenter, editor-in-chief of the magazine “StarHit”.
He was born on January 11, 1972 in Apatity, Murmansk Region. His father was a geophysicist and studied minerals of the Kola Peninsula and his mother worked in kindergarten. Andrey is the only child in the family.
In his school years Malakhov learned to play the violin.
“I immediately realized that I wouldn’t become a real violinist. I didn’t like to play. And then I was chosen as a host of musical evenings. I was happy”.
After graduating from school Andrey went to Moscow. He knew that a public person just needs to be at the epicenter of social life.
In the capital, Andrey joined the Faculty of Journalism and graduated from it in 1995 with honors.
Malakhov studied at the University of Michigan in America for a year and a half.

He was the author and presenter of the program “Style” on the radio “Maximum”. In 1998 he entered the Faculty of Law of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH), where he teaches the basics of journalism.
In 2001, talk show “Big Wash”appeared on the First Channel. Overnight Malakhov became the most successful television presenter.
Now he is a presenter of the popular talk show “Let Them Talk”. He was called a “face of the First Channel” by mass media.

andrei malakhov childhood

Malakhov in his childhood

In 2008 Andrey participated in the second season of the TV project “Two stars” paired with singer Masha Rasputina.
malakhov rasputina

Malakhov and Masha Rasputina

In late 2008, made the New Year program with the People’s Artist of the USSR Lyudmila Zykina.
In 2009, was a co-host of the semifinal of “Eurovision” in Moscow with the model Natalia Vodianova, as well as he was a co-host of the opening ceremony of the “Eurovision” paired with the singer Alsou.
From 24 July 2010 to 19 March 2011 Andrey was the presenter of the TV program “Lie Detector”.
On September 1, 2012 he became a talk show host of the program “Tonight”.

Andrey starred in the films and TV series: Zero Mile (2007), Indigo (2007), Happy Together (2007), Father’s Daughters (2009), One for all (2010), Exchange marriage (2011).

He also starred in music videos: Anna Sedokova – song “Get used” and Natasha Koroleva – the song “Purple Paradise”.

Malakhov wrote two books: My Favorite Blonde (a novel about modern television and customs in the “Ostankino”) (2006) and My second half (novel-guide to success) (2009).
Malakhov collects Christmas stamps. There are about 300 stamps in his collection.
He donated a lot of money to build a church in his hometown.

On April 8, 2012 Malakhov became a godfather of Alla-Victoria, Filipp Kirkorov’s daughter.

Filipp Kirkorov with the daughter and Malakhov

Filipp Kirkorov with the daughter and Andrey Malakhov

Personal life
In Moscow Malakhov fell in love with the Swedish opera singer Lisa. They were together for seven years. Lisa was 13 years older than Malakhov and continually insisted that they should move to Stockholm. But Malakhov dreamed of a career in his native country. So Lisa left Andrey and went home. After a while she committed suicide by jumping out of the window.
In the mid-2000s popular TV presenter went out with a businesswoman Marina Kuzmina, who was much older. In total, their relationship lasted for about two years.
malakhov kuzmina

Malakhov and Maria Kuzmina

Malakhov and Russian actress Elena Korikova’s love affair was short lived. Then Margarita Buriak replaced Korikova.
malakhov korikova

Malakhov and Elena Korikova

In spring 2009, Anna Sedokova and Andrey became the most popular star couple. They participated together in the TV shows and even filmed a music video.
sedakova malakhov

Malakhov and Anna Sedakova

In June 2011 Andrey married Natalia Shkuleva (born May 31, 1980, daughter of the president of the publishing house HFS).
Malakhov and his wife Natalia Shkuleva

Malakhov and his wife Natalia Shkuleva

Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva

Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva

A. Malakhov famous TV presenter

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