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Nyusha – Russian singer


Nyusha – Russian singer

Nyusha is a Russian singer, songwriter, composer, and actress.
Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina (her real name) was born on August 15, 1990 in Moscow into a family of musicians. Her father, Vladimir Shurochkin was a member of the famous Soviet band Laskovyi Mai (Tender May) and then he became the producer of his own daughter. Her mother, Irina Shurochkina sang in a rock band in her youth. When Anna was two years old, her parents divorced, but father and daughter spent a lot of time together. Her half-sister Maria is a World, European and Russian champion in junior synchronized swimming. Also the singer has a younger brother Ivan Shurochkin.
Little girl was involved in Muay Thai Kickboxing and at the age of nine she joined children’s dance theater Daisy.
Talented girl wrote her first song Night at the age of eight. It’s noteworthy that the song was in English.

11-year-old girl sang in the band Grizzly and toured in Russia and even in Germany. After the show in Cologne the singer was asked about her native country, and everybody was surprised that the girl was from Russia, because her English was perfect.
The father wrote few songs special for 12 –year-old daughter. By the way, Anna doesn’t have a special musical education.
In fact, Anna changed her name at the age of 17 and officially became Nyusha.
Outstanding girl became the winner of the TV contest STS Lights Stars in 2007. A year later, Nyusha became the seventh at the international competition New Wave in Jurmala and recorded the final soundtrack of the main character in the dubbing of the film Enchanted by Walt Disney Pictures.
Awesome singer is the winner of Song of the Year award (2009), and in 2010 she was nominated as the Breakthrough of the Year by Muz TV.
Frenchman Gilles Luka sang the song Plus Pres (We Can Make it Right) in a duet with Anna in 2011.
At the European awards ceremony, MTV EMA 2011, she was voted the Best Russian Artist.
Nyusha is not only the singer, but also an actress. She starred in Rango, Uni, voiced Smurfette in the movie The Smurfs and one of the main characters, Eep in the comedy film The Croods.
Maxim Shabalin and Anna took part in the TV show Ice Age on the First Channel in 2013.

Personal life
It is known that the singer had an affair with rapper ST, Aristarchus Venecia and Alexander Radulov, who played the main character in her music video for the song It Hurts.
The singer had a love affair with Yegor KReeD.
In January 2017, Nyusha announced her engagement with Igor Sivov. In July of the same year there were rumors that the singer was waiting for the first child.
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Nyusha – Russian singer