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Inna Malikova

Inna Malikova - Russian singer

Inna Malikova – Russian singer

Inna Malikova is a Russian singer, actress, television personality, producer, and lead singer of the band NEW Samotsvety.
Pretty girl was born on January 1, 1977 in Moscow. Her father Yuri Malikov is a musician, composer, founder and head of VIA Samotsvety. And her mother Lyudmila is a former dancer, the soloist of the Moscow Music Hall. Now she is a director of Dmitry Malikov’s concert band.
In 1993, the girl recorded her first song The Celebration Of The Summer. Her brother Dmitry gave this song to her as a birthday present on the 16-year anniversary. With this song Inna took part in such television projects as the Morning Star and Under the Sign of the Zodiac. At the same time, Inna’s music videos for the songs I Do Not Want To Be Serious, Who Was Right were filmed.
In 2002 the singer cooperated with Liz-media Group agency, found composers Eugene Kuritsin, Paul Yesenen, Sergei Nizovtsev. Oleg Gusev made a music video for her new song in 2003. After a while George Toidze made a music video for the song Coffee And Chocolate.

Since 2004, Inna had been the face of Swiss watch company MILUS.
You know, in 2008, Malikova performed in the play Die Fledermaus (Bat).
By the way, in 2009, a group NEW Samotsvety released their first album Inna Malikova & NEW Samotsvety.
Later, in 2010, Malikova together with Dmitri Kharatyan became TV presenters of the program Good Evening, Moscow! on TV Center channel.
Awesome girl became the face of the jewelry houses Crystal, Master Brilliant, and the face of Pinko’s advertising campaign in Russia in 2016.
In 2018, by the band’s 12th anniversary, the New Samotsvety had released their third album with the symbolic title 12.

Personal life
Businessman Vladimir Antonichuk was her husband. Their son was born in 1999. But when the boy was 12 years old, they divorced. The cause of the separation was very simple: the husband wanted his wife to stay at home. It was very hard for creative and sociable person.
Her son has chosen the profession of a chef. He passed an internship in Italy and enrolled the famous The Institute Paul Bocuse. This is the French culinary institute. The boy even learned French for six months.
You know, Inna is close to her niece Stefania Malikova.

Inna Malikova