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Nataly Fateeva, Soviet – Russian actress

Nataly Fateeva, Soviet - Russian actress

Nataly Fateeva, Soviet – Russian actress

Nataly Fateeva is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. By the way, she is Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1965), People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1980). Sometimes the actress is called Russian Liz Taylor.
Pretty girl was born on December 23, 1934. In her youth Nataly was engaged in sports and even became a champion of the city in the long jump. However, her dream was to become an actress.
In 1958 she graduated from the State Institute of Cinematography. You know, in 1996 Nataly was awarded the medal Defender of Free Russia and in 2000 she received Medal of Honor.
Actually, she acted in plays Red and Black by Gerasimov, Two Stubborn People by Nazim Hikmet, Three Comrades by E.M. Remarque, Family Weekend Surprises.
Awesome girl became popular in 1963 after the release of the lyric comedy Three Plus Two. She played along with Natalia Kustinskaya, Yevgeny Zharikov, Andrei Mironov, Gennady Nilov. The film was watched by 35 million Soviet viewers. The photos of the actress began to appear regularly on the covers of magazines dedicated to cinema.

The following year, she performed the main role in the war film I’m Birch, where the actress’s partners were Vladimir Ivashov and Nikolai Kryuchkov. In 1965, the actress appeared in the melodrama Children of Don Quixote. Along with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Rolan Bykov, Margarita Terekhova and Nataly played in the drama Hello It’s Me.
In 1967, Fateeva got the main role in the joint Soviet-Mongolian film Exodus. And in 1970, the actress appeared in the musical film Songs of the Sea, in which she played along with the Romanian singer Dan Spataru. A year later, Natalia starred in the comedy Gentlemen of Fortune.
In 1972 she played in the comedy films Summer Dreams and Tobacco Captain. Actually, in the popular children’s fantasy film Moscow-Cassiopeia, about the space flight of teenagers, Fateeva played the role of Pasha’s mother.
In the late 70s the actress played in popular films Salt of the Earth, The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed.
Her best work was in the film From Evening to Noon, released in 1981.
In 1991, Nataly acted in four films at once and the most successful was the drama Anna Karamazoff.
What is more, in 2014, the actress received the Nika award for her role in the film Flying Leaves.

Part of her personal clothes Nataly presented to fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev, in particular:
Evening dress, Moscow, 1961, which was sewn for the II Moscow International Film Festival;
An evening ensemble of brocade, trimmed with velvet. Moscow. 1969;
Cotton evening dress, in African style. Cameroon. 1970;
Evening dress with high waist. Moscow. 2nd half of the 70s;
Cocktail dress with chiffon shoulder pads. 2nd half of the 80s.
All pieces of clothing were exhibited at the unique exhibition Fashion Behind the Iron Curtain.

Personal life
She was married to actor Leonid Tarabarinov (1928-2008). Their daughter was born in 1959.
Nataly’s second husband was film director Vladimir Basov (1923-1987). In the marriage Fateeva gave birth to their son. Basov was 12 years older than the actress.
Cosmonaut Boris Yegorov (1937-1994) was her third husband. The actress gave birth to their daughter Natalia. They divorced five years after the wedding ceremony.

Nataly Fateeva, Soviet – Russian actress