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Anna Timiryova, Admiral Kolchak’s woman

Anna Timiryova Admiral Kolchak

Anna Timiryova, Admiral Kolchak‘s woman

Anna Timiryova (nee Safonova, in the second marriage Kniper) was a Russian poetess and painter, the daughter of a prominent musician Safonov.
Beautiful Anna Safonova was born in 1893 in Kislovodsk, into the family of the Terek Cossacks. She was the sixth child in a large family of Vasily Safonov, a music teacher, pianist and conductor, who for some time was the director of the Moscow Conservatory. In 1906 her family moved to St. Petersburg. The girl studied drawing and painting, was fluent in French and German.
In 1911 Anna married naval officer S.N. Timiryov. Three years later, in 1914, she gave birth to their son Vladimir, who became a painter. They divorced in 1918.
In 1915, Anna met Rear-Admiral Alexander Kolchak. Although Kolchak was her husband’s closest friend and commanding officer, and had a family of his own, they began a love affair. In 1917, Anna openly left her husband for the Admiral. She was 25 years old, and he was 43. Until January 1920 Anna was the wife of Admiral Kolchak. When he was arrested in January 1920 she followed him. After Kolchak’s execution, she was arrested several times. Anna paid a great price for 17 months of love – 37 years in prison and exile.

Pretty girl married an engineer V.K. Knipper in 1922.
In 1925, she was arrested and expelled from Moscow. So, for three years she lived in Tarus. For the fourth time, Anna was arrested in April 1935.
On March 25, 1938 Anna was arrested and in April 1939 she was sentenced to eight years in the camps. Her 24-year-old son Vladimir was arrested and shot on May 28, 1938 for correspondence with his father, who at that time lived in China.
On December 21, 1949 Anna was arrested again.
Between arrests she worked as a librarian, archivist, draftsman, cartographer, and painter. In 1960, after rehabilitation, Anna settled in Moscow. She worked as a consultant on etiquette on the set of the film War and Peace, directed by Sergei Bondarchuk, and even appeared in an episode.
She died on January 31, 1975 in Moscow and was buried at Vagankovsky cemetery.
There are several films about Anna and Alexander’s beautiful and tragic love story. In 1997, director Sergei Yurzhenko released the documentary More than Love, Romance of Kolchak.
In 2006, the featured the movie Admiral Kolchak was shown on the First Channel.
A large-budget feature film Admiral was released in 2008. Bright Russian actors Konstantin Khabensky, Lisa Boyarskaya and Sergei Bezrukov played the main roles.

Anna Timiryova, Admiral Kolchak’s woman