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Natalia Pereverzeva

Natalia Pereverzeva
Natalia Pereverzeva is a Russian fashion model, winner of “Miss Moscow 2010” and “Beauty of Russia 2011”, finalist of the international beauty pageant “Miss Earth 2012”. In September 2013, Natalia became a co-host of the Style Icon on Muz-TV.
The beautiful girl was born on November 10, 1988 in Kursk into an ordinary Soviet family of economist and engineer. In 2006, she graduated from school and entered the Kursk State University. In the same year she began her modeling career.
In 2007, the girl went to Moscow, where she entered the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. In the capital she was shot for magazines and advertising and became the regular model of a French agency.

On July 1, 2010 Natalia won “Miss Moscow” beauty contest, leaving behind the 32 finalists. In spring 2011, Pereverzeva was a cover girl for Playboy magazine. On November 30 of the same year she was crowned Beauty of Russia and got a chance to represent her homeland at the international beauty pageant “Miss Earth 2012” in the Philippines. Natalia became one of the eight finalists and received gold in the nomination Miss Earth Ever Bilena Make Up Challenge.

pereverzeva natalia beauty of russia

Natalia – Beauty of Russia

In her speech at the contest, Natalia called Russia “impoverished and corrupt country, which, however, it is impossible not to love”.
“I am proud of the country where I live. My country – that’s all I have, all the people I love, it is dear to me. My Russia is a beautiful, slim girl, blooming and full of life, a lovely girl from a fairy tale. My Russia is a good cow with very big eyes, funny horns, always chewing grass – and what sweet milk she gives! How wonderful it smells: the sun and meadow grasses.
But my Russia is a yearning and suffering country, torn to pieces by greedy, dishonest, unbelievers. My Russia is a beggar. It cannot help the elderly and orphans.
My Russia is the winner who defeated fascism, but paid for it the lives of millions of people.
My dear, poor Russia. And you’re still alive and breathing; You gave the world your beautiful and talented children – Sergei Esenin, Alexander Pushkin, Maya Plisetskaya… The list is endless.
I’m happy to be your citizen, Russia! Despite all the tears, misery, war, invasion, – no matter who is in power, I’m still proud that I was born in this great and beautiful country that gave the world so much. I am proud of my homeland for mercy, for heroism, for courage, for diligence.
When we seriously begin to take care of our country, it will blossom and shine.”
pereverzeva beautiful blonde

Beautiful blonde – Natalia

Natalia was shot for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Joy, Fashion Collection, calendar Elite Model Look; worked in Japan and France, participated in many advertising campaigns.
Pereverzeva is going to try herself as an actress.
In 2011, she starred in Vlad Topalov’smusic video for the song “You’ll come”. In the same year she starred in Yevgeny Grigoryev’s (Jeka) music video for the song “Road to Nowhere”.

In 2012, Russian beauty became the face of on-line lingerie shop Missintim.Ru. In the same year she became ambassador and supporter of the World Wildlife Fund.

Natalia dates well known Russian artist Daniil Fedorov, who paints her portraits.
“Natalia is my muse, next to such beauty, I do not seek inspiration from other sources, when she’s around, I’m ready to turn the world!”

fedorov pereverzeva

Natalia and Daniil Fedorov

pereverzeva fedorov

Natalia and Daniil Fedorov