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Dianna Agron – American actress

Dianna Agron actress

Dianna Agron – American actress

Dianna Agron is an American actress, singer, producer, artist and dancer best known for her role of Quinn Fabray in the television series Glee and Sarah Hart in I Am Number Four.
The girl was born on April 30, 1986 in Savannah, Georgia, and raised in San Antonio, Texas and San Francisco, California.
Her father’s family is originally from Russia, and their original surname is Agronsky. At the age of 3 Dianna began dancing. So as a teenager, she was able to earn money teaching dance. At school, she studied ballet, jazz and played in musical theater.
18-year-old girl moved to Los Angeles, where she studied acting and played in student films.

Agron made her acting debut with a small role in the film After Midnight: Life Behind Bars. Then she starred in various films and television series. She also tried her hand as a writer and producer of the film A Fuchsia Elephant, which was released in 2009.
The actress became famous thanks to the role in the American TV series Glee (2009—2014).
She also starred in such films as Skid Marks (2007), Dinner with Raphael (2009), Celebrities Anonymous (2009), Bold Native (2010), The Romantics (2010), Burlesque (2010), The Hunters (2010), I am Number Four (2011), The Family (2013).
agron dianna

Beautiful Dianna

The actress played in the TV series such as CSI: New York (2006), Drake & Josh (2006), Shark (2006), Veronica Mars (2006), Heroes (2007), It’s a Mall World (2007), Numbers (2008).
Dianna is not only an actress, but also a model, who takes part in advertising campaigns and appeared in magazines.
Dianna is a vegetarian and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporter. The actress has an unusual hobby, she likes cemetery walks because it is calm and quiet there. She is interested in different things associated with death, such as monuments, funeral rituals and special symbols.
She was chosen by People to be part of their Most beautiful 2010. She also came 8th in the 2011 Hot 100 list. Agron was a host of GLAAD Media Award on June 2, 2012 in San Francisco.
agron dianna actress

Dianna – charming actress

Personal life
Dianna dated British actor Alex Pettyfer, with whom she co-starred in the film I am Number Four. They were together for a year and were going to marry, but in 2011 the couple parted.
agron Pettyfer

Dianna and Alex Pettyfer

Later it was reported that Dianna had a love affair with Taylor Lautner (Twilight).
agron Taylor Lautner

Dianna and Taylor Lautner

Then she was in love with Sebastian Stan (Gossip Girl).
agron Sebastian Stan

Dianna and Sebastian Stan

According to the press she had an affair with young director Henry Joost (Paranormal Activity 3).
agron Henry Joost

Dianna and Henry Joost

And what about her other relationships?
Agron Chris Evans

Dianna and Chris Evans

Agron Cory Monteith

Dianna and Cory Monteith

Agron Lea Michele

Dianna and Lea Michele

agron Mark Salling

Dianna and Mark Salling