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Diana Diez

Diana Diez - Russian singer

Diana Diez – Russian singer

Diana Diez was born on June 18. There isn’t much information about her. We only know she is a Russian singer and together with famous Greek singer Kostas Martakis recorded duet song Sex Indigo in 2011. The video was shot in Ukraine by the director Alan Badoev. The song Sex Indigo was written by talented Russian musician Alexander Pogrebetsky. The Sex Indigo video was premiered on July 14 on the ELLO channel and the Russian version was released on November 11 on the Diana Diez’s official channel on YouTube. By the way, Diana met Kostas when she was spending her vacation in Greece.
Diez isn’t her real surname but a stage name. The girl was born into a military family. Thanks to her mother she became engaged in ballroom dancing. And it was her first creative steps. Little girl gave performances for her relatives.

At first she sang in the band Diamant. These were interesting, bright days, a different rhythm of life, memories forever. And after a while she had the desire to sing solo.
The singer is fond of Jessie J, Taylor Swift, Whitney Huston, Barry White and many others.
“There is no single formula for happiness. But I am absolutely convinced that a person should always remain himself and go his own way, without turning off. In this life everything is possible. Perhaps here and now. The main thing is to understand what you want.”

Diana Diez