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Zhenya Malakhova

malakhova reflex

Zhenya Malakhova – ex-soloist of the Russian pop group Reflex

Zhenya Malakhova is a Russian singer, former lead singer of the Russian pop group Reflex.
Pretty girl was born on October 28, 1988 in Moscow. As a child, she was taught to play the piano by her mother. At the age of 9 little girl joined the Musical Theatre of the Young Actor where she studied acting and singing.
Malakhova became known when she was 16. She starred in two music videos for the songs Mama and Klinit. By the way she participated in several programs, including the Golden Gramophone, Sink or Swim, Five Evenings, Guess the Tune.
Evgenia was one of the singers in the category Breakthrough of the Year in 2004.
Her debut song Mama was about the first love. Music video for this song was made by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

In early 2006 Malakhova became one of the singers of the pop group Reflex. When Irina Nelson left the group Malakhova took her place. To tell the truth, Reflex was recognized as Russia’s best dance project. But four years later, in 2011, she left the group because she entered VGIK (Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography).
You know, the singer graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy.
In 2014, Zhenya married producer and film director Renat Davletyarov.
Malakhova loves to walk and travel. The actress is happy when the work is connected with nature trips and even travel to other countries.
Also the actress says that she loves animals and would like to help homeless and abandoned animals. According to the actress, animals need as much care as children.
In June 2016, the actress appeared in the thriller Pure Art. This film was her debut one. However, it was released only two years after the filming. In an interview Zhenya said that her colleagues helped her a lot. Most of all, she was supported by Anna Chipovskaya. The director of the thriller was Malakhova’s husband Renat Davletyarov, so the admirers of the actress were surprised that Zhenya did not get a major role.
In September 2016, the actress appeared on television in the four-part detective melodrama Dilettante as Katya Bobrova.
A year later, in 2017, Malakhova played a major role in the family comedy Adventures of a Mad Professor.
In the second half of 2017, the actress appeared in the social drama Gerasim about the dumb homeless.

Zhenya Malakhova