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Zhenya Belousov – Star Boy

Zhenya Belousov pop idol

Zhenya Belousov – idol of millions of girls

Evgeny Belousov, better known as Zhenya Belousov, was a Soviet and Russian pop singer and idol of millions of girls, popular in the USSR and Russia in the late 1980s – early 1990s.
The boy was born on September 10, 1964 in the village. The family moved to Kursk when Zhenya and his twin brother Sasha were about two months old. The twin brother was born a few minutes earlier, and therefore Zhenya was considered the youngest child in the family. The boys had elder sister Marina. The boys were very creative: Sasha was fond of drawing, and Zhenya loved music.
In high school, Evgeny started playing in the school band.
The boy didn’t serve in the army because of health problems. In childhood the future singer became a victim of an accident and had traumatic brain injury.
In the mid-1980s Evgeny played in one of Kursk restaurants, where he was noticed by Bari Alibasov, the head of the popular band Integral. Alibasov offered him to become a bass guitarist in the band.
In 1987, Belousov began his solo career. The first producers of the singer were Viktor Dorokhov and his wife Lyubov Voropayeva. Thanks to these people, he became popular. It is interesting that the producers changed the age and marital status of the singer to enable all the girls of the USSR to fall in love with a new idol. During the time of cooperation with Dorokhov and Voropaeva, the singer released two albums.

In 1991, Belousov found new producer Igor Matvienko. This cooperation helped Evgeny to reach new heights. The first song, written by Igor Matvienko, The Girl instantly became a hit. The success was so overwhelming that, with the support of Yuriy Aizenshpis, 14 concerts of the singer were organized at the Luzhniki stadium. Performances were sold out.
Evgeny liked the status of the Soviet pop star, but the change of the producer did not help him get rid of the boring role of the sweet boy. His repertoire consisted of songs about teenage love and romantic feelings, but he was already the thirty-year-old father of two children and wanted to move on to more mature creativity.
On the wave of his popularity, Belousov decided to repeat the success of some colleagues and became engaged in commerce. He made a series of investments, which brought him no profit, but bankruptcy. You know, Evgeny bought a small Ryazan vodka plant and wanted to make it the main source of his income. However, there were only problems with the tax authorities.
The last lifetime collection of songs, released in 1995, could not return the singer’s former popularity.

Personal life
You know, his short life was full of love stories.
For about a year Zhenya lived together with Marta Mogilevskaya, music editor and television producer. It was she who helped Belousov to start his solo career.
In autumn 1986 Mogilevskaya introduced Evgeny to her friend, aspiring singer Natalia Vetlitskaya. That evening at the hotel Cosmos Mogilevskaya realized that Belousov fell in love at first sight.
On January 1, 1989 Zhenya married Natalia Vetlitskaya. The marriage lasted for only nine days. Perhaps it was one of the most reckless and short marriages in the history of the Russian show business. Zhenya went on tour and when he returned to Moscow, found only a note from Natalia. She left him. For her, it was just a flirt, and for Belousov – tragedy.
Later, his wife was Elena Khudik. To tell the truth, Elena gave birth to their daughter Kristina (1987) before his marriage to Vetlitskaya. Elena and Evgeny divorced a few years before his death.
Belousov had a love affair with Oksana Shidlovskaya, keyboardist of his group. In 1992 Oksana gave birth to their son Roman.
Elena Savina became the last woman in the life of the singer. They lived together for more than three years. After his death, she became singer Elena Belousova. Later Elena got married and gave birth to a daughter, whom she named in honor of Belousov – Evgeniya.

Belousov died of a stroke on June 2, 1997 in Moscow. The singer was buried at the Kuntsevskoye cemetery.
After the death of the singer about a dozen documentary films, telling about his fate, creativity, personal life, death and heritage, were released. In 2006, the film Short Summer of Zhenya Belousov was released on the First channel. One of the last films was the project of the First Channel released in 2015 – Zhenya Belousov. He Does Not Love You At All.
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Zhenya Belousov – Star Boy