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Yuri Klinskih – Yura Hoy

Yuri Klinskih Yura Hoy

Yuri Klinskih – Yura Hoy

Yuri Klinskih, best known as Yura Hoy, was a Soviet and Russian musician, poet, composer. He was the founder and leader of the popular band Sektor Gaza.
Yuri was born on July 27, 1964 in Voronezh into the family of an engineer and a Voronezh Aircraft Plant worker. The boy always had an irresistible passion for music. His father wrote poetry and liked rock’n’roll, and he managed to convey his passion and knowledge to his son. Yuri began writing poetry and playing the guitar. He was a self-taught musician.
Yuri served in the army in Blagoveshchensk, the Far East, and was demobilized in 1984. For two years he worked as a police inspector, then as a machine operator and loader. In his spare time Klinskih wrote songs. It was just a hobby and he didn’t dream of popularity.
In the spring of 1987, Yuri performed several own songs at the club. On December 5, 1987 he created his own band Sektor Gaza (it was named after the nickname of the Voronezh Left Bank district known for bad ecological and crime situations). As for Yuri’s nickname, it came from his cry “Hoy!” during his performances.
The band became popular in 1990 after the release of the album The Evil Dead. Hoy wrote folk rock anthems.

The band performed in many Russian cities and abroad (Belarus, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia).
In June 1994, Yuri wrote punk opera Kashchei The Immortal in the form of a new album. Later, Yuri wanted to create a video version of this album, but… he died.
Yuri Klinskih died on July 4, 2000 in Voronezh. There are a lot of rumors on his death. According to the official version, he died of a heart attack, although he had no heart problems before. And according to the unofficial version, Yuri took drugs and suffered from hepatitis, which became the cause of death. Until now, the true circumstances of his death remain a mystery.
His last studio album was the thirteenth and consisted of thirteen songs, and was released in the thirteenth year of the band existence.
In 1999, Klinskikh became a character of the comic book The Adventures of Yura Hoy in the Kingdom of Evil.

Personal life
Yuri met his future wife Galina before he joined the army. After his death Galina never got married again. She gave birth to two daughters – Irina (August 3, 1986) and Lilia (January 13, 1995).
In 1991, Yuri met Olga Samarina at his concert in Moscow. They had a love affair during the last years of his life and he didn’t hide it from his wife Galina.
Was Sektor Gaza an ordinary musical group performing songs using profanity, or music that will live forever?
After the death of the musician, the last album of the group The Risen from Hell was released. By the way, fans and colleagues of the singer say that the musician foretold his own death in the lyrics.
In 2015, the musician’s eldest daughter accidentally found the unreleased song of her father Howl to the Moon, which was planned for recording in the album Gas Attack. The author thought that the composition was unsuccessful and refused to include it in the list. The composition was released 15 years after the author’s death.

Yuri Klinskih – Yura Hoy