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Yuliya Zimina, actress

Yuliya Zimina - Russian actress

Yuliya Zimina – Russian actress

Yuliya Zimina is a Russian actress and TV presenter.
Beautiful girl was born on July 4, 1981 in Krasniy Kut, Saratov Oblast, Russia. Her parents were respected people in the city. Alexander Petrovich, Julia’s father, worked as a veterinarian, and later taught Latin and therapy at the technical school. Zoya Grigorievna, the mother of a future actress, taught children in primary school classes. Julia has older sister Elena, who was fond of music and later became the leader of the choir.
To tell the truth, Zimina was very fond of music and dreamed of becoming a singer. She studied at a music school and tried to sing at any opportunity. After the ninth grade, she tried to enter a music school, but was not taken. The girl was incredibly upset, but firmly decided to fulfill her dream and become a famous actress, as well as dance on stage.

In 1999 the girl entered the Saratov Conservatory, actor department. She graduated in 2003 having played in several diploma performances. By the way, she works in Klassniy Theater (Cool Theater) in Moscow.
In 2004, she was chosen out of 200 pretenders for the role of Carmelita in Rauf Kubaev’s TV series Carmelita. As a result, the girl became a real star of Russian cinema. On the set Julia had to ride a horse, jump through the burning fire, she also sang the song Wormwood herself. Carmelita Zaretskaya, the main character of the film immediately became very popular.
Two years later, in 2006 she took part in the game show Fort Bayard.
Since 2010 Yuliya is a TV host of the program Good Morning on the First Channel.
In addition, in 2010, Zimina took part in TV show Dances With The Stars paired with a dancer Nikolay Pantiukhin and later with the actor Alexander Pashkov. Famous figure skater Peter Chernyshev became her partner in the show Ice Age in 2013.
The actress starred in the video by Dj Boyko & Katy Queen I Love You in 2011.
In 2017, Julia along with TV presenters Svetlana Zeynalova and Marina Kim visited the program Evening Urgant.

Personal life
On the set of the film Carmelita Yuliya dated actor Vladimir Cherepovskiy.
Later she married Russian actor Maxim Shchegolev.
Her daughter Simona was born in 2015. Russian actress does not comment on who is the father of the child.

Yuliya Zimina, actress