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Yulia Volkova – Russian singer

Yulia Volkova

Yulia Volkova – Russian singer. Photo

Yulia Volkova is a Russian singer, ex-soloist of the pop group t.A.T.u.
Pretty girl was born on February 20, 1985 in Moscow. At the age of 7 she entered the children’s music school. You know, Yulia performed as a part of children’s vocal-instrumental ensemble Neposedy. It was during her time in Neposedy that Yulia first met Lena Katina. By the way, Russian stars Vlad Topalov, Sergey Lazarev, Yulia Malinovskaya and Nastya Zadorozhnaya also were members of Neposedy.
When Yulia was a school girl she starred in the children’s newsreel Jumble.
In 1999, Volkova and Katina became two halves of the scandalous and often controversial duo t.A.T.u., created by Ivan Shapovalov and composer Alexander Voitinsky. The girls recorded English-language and Russian-language albums, performed in Russia and abroad.
Their debut international single All The Things She Said, released in 2002, was a worldwide hit. Single All About Us topped the charts in Europe and went platinum. t.A.T.u. became the first group ever to get the IFPI Europe platinum award for the same album in two different languages.

In May 2003, the group represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Don’t Believe, Don’t Fear and Don’t Ask and took the third place.
And in January 2005, the girls recorded the popular composition All About Us.
Actually, in 2009, Yulia left the group to begin her solo career.
Later, in 2012, Katina and Volkova worked on the anniversary re-release of the album 200 km / h In the Wrong Lane (10th Anniversary Edition).
The first solo composition of the singer was the song Move the World (English version All Because Of You), recorded in Sweden. The music video for the song was released on 11.11.11.
In June 2011, Volkova presented two songs from her solo project – Rage and Woman All The Way Down.
In 2012 Volkova sang along with Dima Bilan the song Back To Her Future. Then, in 2016, the singer released her debut album.
Moreover, Yulia starred in the drama Finding t.A.T.u. (2008) directed by Roland Joffe, You and I (2011) and Zombi Vacation 3D (2012).
You know, t.A.T.u. performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Personal Life
In 2004, Yulia gave birth to her daughter Victoria, whose father is her friend Pavel Sidorov.
The newspaper announced about Volkova and Vlad Topalov’s upcoming wedding in 2006.
In March 2007 the media wrote that Volkova secretly married her boyfriend Parviz Yasinov in the UAE. On December 27, 2007 Yulia gave birth to their son Samir. The couple broke up in 2010.
They say Yulia had a love affair with Dima Bilan in 2012.
In 2015, Volkova dated Georgy Zarandia and a year later they broke up.
On August 8, 2018 Yulia married her beloved man in Europe.
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Yulia Volkova – Russian singer